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Integrated Commissioning, Policy & Performance: Intelligence Team Privacy Notice

We are committed to protecting your personal data and ensuring that it is processed fairly and lawfully. Information you provide to us will be processed in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA 2018) and subsequent legislation.

The Council’s corporate Privacy Notice is available at the following link:

The following information relates specifically to data used by the Dudley Council Integrated Commissioning, Policy & Performance: Intelligence Team.

Purpose of processing

Dudley Council has a legal duty to protect and improve the health and wellbeing of people in the Dudley Borough. We use this data to:

  • Measure the health, wellbeing and care needs of the population, including specific geographical areas or population groups 
  • Plan, evaluate or monitor health and social care policies and services
  • Understand more about the nature, causes and outcomes of disease

Information we receive

To help us fulfil our legal obligations, we receive information from NHS Digital with information on birth and death registrations and hospital admissions.

Civil Registrations (Births and Deaths) data contain identifiable data which is required when linking into other datasets to investigate specific areas of concern or to verify the statistics produced.  These fields are:

  • postcode of usual residence
  • place of birth text and postcode
  • postcode of place of death
  • NHS number 
  • date of birth
  • date of death
  • date of registration
  • name of certifier
  • name of coroner
  • birth weight
  • cause(s) of death

Hospital episode statistics (HES) data contain pseudonymised/ anonymised data which is not linked into other datasets and does not allow identification of individuals.  A maximum of ten years data will be retained at any point, such that as each new data year is received, the oldest year will be deleted. The Local Authority will securely destroy the oldest data within six weeks of receiving the latest annual dataset.

The legal basis for the use of these data is section 42(4) of the Statistics and Registration Service Act (2007) as amended by section 287 of the Health and Social Care Act (2012) and regulation 3 of the Health Service (Control of Patient Information) Regulations 2002.