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Reflect Dudley Programme - Service Specific Privacy Notice

This Notice is designed to explain how and why information is collected by Dudley Council and the Reflect Dudley Programme.

Dudley Council currently work with Barnardos to develop ‘Reflect Dudley’, which is a specific service that supports parents who have had one or more children removed into the care system.

The programme works with mothers and fathers who no longer have any children in their care and where all court proceedings are closed. Dudley Council and Barnardos use data and service information to understand how outcomes may be improved for parents. This involves data collection and analysis by both Dudley Council and Barnardos as part of this service development. 

You can obtain more information on Reflect Dudley by contacting Barnardos 

You can also access Barnardos Privacy Notice 

To ensure that your information is used appropriately and that your privacy is respected, your personal information will be held and used in compliance with the requirements of all applicable legislation. This means that:

  • the council will take steps to ensure that your information is kept as safe as possible, and that it is always accurate and up to date
  • only those staff who need to do so will access your personal information.