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Dudley has a wide diversity of natural green space within its boundaries.

Many of these sites are the legacy of the borough's industrial past, and the most important nature conservation sites in the borough have received national or even international designations for their importance.

All of these sites are much used and loved by the communities living nearby and indeed by people from further afield.

Nature reserves

Dudley borough boasts a number of local nature reserves and one national nature reserve showcasing the areas rich flora, fauna, geology and heritage.

All nature reserves have free public access seven days a week. Some car parks may be closed outside of normal working hours.

Please enquire with the warden team before travelling if you require further information or special assistance.

Grounds maintenance

We are responsible for the grounds maintenance on council-owned land within the borough. We aim to keep our parks and green spaces looking good all year round

Public rights of way

There are approximately 250 kilometres of Public rights of way in Dudley, ranging from countryside walks to urban walkways

What are public rights of way?

They provide both highway and leisure facilities that are protected by law. The function to protect and assert this public right, lies with us.

Public rights of way are quite different from private rights of way. Private rights of way are often provided by private developers to give rear access to private property. Your deeds should help to determine those private rights.

Public rights of way that allow any member of the public to have 24/7 access have different classifications.

Their status may be:

  • Public Footpaths - These have a right on foot

  • Public Bridleways - These have right on foot, horse or pedal cycle

  • Byways Open to all Traffic, Roads used as Public Paths and Restricted Byways - These may have restricted public vehicular rights.


It is our responsibility to manage trees on council owned land in the borough.

Countryside volunteers

Being a volunteer is a rewarding experience, allowing you to develop existing and new skills and interests, to meet new friends, have great fun and, above all, to contribute to the conservation of some of Dudley’s most valuable assets.

The opportunities to volunteer for Dudley Countryside Services are many and varied.