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Garden waste service

Subscriptions for our new garden waste collection service are now available. Visit our garden waste page for further information.

If you or someone in your household is being treated for a medical condition, the waste produced may be considered clinical waste and could be hazardous.

How do I arrange a clinical waste and sharps collection?

You will need to complete a Clinical/Medical Waste Assessment Form. This will ask questions about the type and quantity of clinical waste you produce. It must be verified by a healthcare professional such as your GP or community nurse. We may also visit you to ensure the service we provide meets your needs.

You can download the above form or if you prefer you can ring 01384 814768 and we will post it to you.

Please complete the form and send it to:

Or post your form to:

Waste Care
Environmental Services
Lister Road Depot
Lister Road

Once we have received your completed form, we will contact you to let you know when your clinical waste collection will start.

Sharps collection

Once you have registered you will only need to contact us when you have a full sharps box ready for collection.

How do I report a missed collection?

You can report a missed clinical waste collection by calling 01384 814768 or by emailing

Please note two consecutive failed collections may result in the service being suspended.

Further information

What is clinical waste?

Clinical waste refers to any waste that consists wholly or partly of:

  • Human or animal tissue.
  • Blood or other bodily fluids.
  • Excretions.
  • Drugs or other pharmaceutical products.
  • Swabs or dressings.
  • Syringes, needles or other sharp instruments which may prove hazardous to anyone coming into contact with it.

Clinical waste also refers to any other waste arising from medical, nursing, dental, veterinary, pharmaceutical or similar practice, investigation, treatment, teaching or research.

Unless made safe, this type of waste may prove hazardous to anyone coming into contact with it.

If you are treated by a healthcare professional

If you are treated in your own home by a community nurse or a member of the NHS profession, any waste produced is their responsibility. They should arrange for its removal and safe disposal.

If the waste is classified as hazardous the healthcare professional should remove the waste and transport it in secure and approved containers for appropriate disposal. This waste should not be thrown away with your usual household waste.

If the waste is non-hazardous, it should be bagged and sealed. It can then be disposed of in your wheelie bin. This is usually the case with sanitary towels, nappies and incontinence pads when they come from a healthy individual.

Which bag or sharps container should I use?


Your healthcare professional will advise of the appropriate coloured bag to dispose of your waste.


  • Yellow - Non-infectious waste
  • Orange - Infectious waste
  • Purple - Cytotoxic and cytostatic waste

Disposing of unused medicines

We do not offer a disposal service for pharmaceutical products/medicines. These items should be taken back to the pharmacy.