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Garden waste service

Subscriptions for our new garden waste collection service are now available. Visit our garden waste page for further information.

We provide residents with a weekly kerbside rubbish collection using wheelie bins. Blocks of flats are usually served with larger bulk bins. In some areas where access is an issue we operate a sack collection service.

Report a missed bin collection

You can use our missed bin form to report a missed collection

Only one issue can be reported at a time.

You can report a missed bin collection:

  • After 3pm on the day of your collection.
  • The next working day.

If you have an assisted collection, you are able to report a missed collection at any time.

Garden waste collections

Garden waste will be picked up within 7 working days of being reported.

Report a problem with bins or recycling containers

If you have any problems with our waste collection service you can tell us using the forms below:

Report a black sack supply issue

We provide households in areas deemed difficult to access with the equivalent of one replacement plastic black sack each week.

If you use all these up before the next delivery, you will have to supply your own black sacks until the new supply is delivered. Please ensure if using your own supply that the sacks are of a standard domestic size (around 80 litres). They must also be strong enough to hold the waste.

If you wish to report an issue with your black sacks please use our online black sack supply form.

Report damage or injury caused by collection vehicles

If you believe that damage or injury has been caused by one of our Waste Care collection vehicles, please contact us with the form below.

Compliments and feedback

We recognise and greatly value the importance of any positive feedback from the customers we serve. We want to hear from you whenever you feel the service have received merits for praise.

Further information

Items excluded from our regular service

We also can't collect dangerous items such as knives, broken glass or other similar objects which could cause injury.

Cat Litter

Small amounts of cat litter should be double bagged and included in household waste. Large amounts should be disposed of at Household Waste Recycling Centres. Heavy amounts will not be taken in normal collections.

What bags can I use?

Please ensure that your waste is securely contained in standard sized black bags (around 80 litres) . We will not take larger bags such as wheelie bin liners. We will only collect normal domestic household waste contained within the wheelie bins. Additional waste placed at the side of the bin will not be collected. For residents in difficult to access areas we will collect up to 3 plastic sacks per week.

What time does my rubbish have to be out?

Our weekday service normally operates between 6am and 2pm. As our rubbish collection starts early in the morning your rubbish should be made available by 6am on the morning of collection. It should be put out no earlier than 7.30pm the night before.

Please ensure your waste is placed at the back of the pavement.

If households place rubbish out for collection on the pavement too early we may write to the address to remind the householder that this is not acceptable.

If letters and other education methods are unsuccessful, a householder could be liable to a fixed penalty notice. This could become a much larger fine if convicted in a Magistrates Court.

What day will my rubbish be collected?

We will collect your rubbish on the same day each week. We also collect on the spring and summer bank holidays. We will inform residents of any changes due bad weather or Christmas and New Year both on our website and through our social media channels.

Bulky items

We can collect bulky items on request. There is a charge for this service. Bulky items of rubbish must be placed on your property and as near as possible to the pavement.