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There are a number of services across the borough that can provide specialist equipment, information and support to help you live independently.

Queens Cross Network

Queens Cross Network is our local support centre for adults with physical and/or sensory disabilities, including hearing and visual impairment. We have a host of aids, specialist equipment and information available. 

Beacon Centre for the Blind

Based in Sedgley the Beacon Centre for the Blind has a resource room with demonstration equipment for people who are blind/visually impaired.

Pocklington Resource Centre

Based in Stourbridge, The Pocklington Resource Centre has a range of specialised demonstration equipment for people who are blind/visually impaired.  They also provide information on audio, in large print or braille.

Assisted Living Centre

Located in Coseley, The Dudley Assisted Living Centre is an important resource for disabled people and carers living in the borough. They demonstrate a range of equipment in everyday settings and offer both trial use and loans. 

Dudley Telecare Service

We offer 'assistive technology' products, including alarms to support you in your own home. Find out more on Dudley Telecare Service.

Dudley Wheelchair Service

We provide clinical assessment and the provision of Wheelchairs in the Dudley Borough.

On 1 April 2017, Ross Care were awarded the Wheelchair contract by Dudley CCG with Blatchford providing the Clinical Service element. Their provision of this service began on the 1st July 2017

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For smaller items you may find that your GP can prescribe from an approved list of products stocked by many Chemists. Examples include: elastic stockings, trusses, appliances for colostomies etc. Community and district nurses can also provide some aids and equipment such as ripple pillows, V frames etc.

Will I have to pay VAT?

No. Equipment for the sole use of people with disabilities is usually exempt. Suppliers will ask you to sign a VAT exemption form to confirm that you do have a disability.

For independent advice, reports and information on daily living equipment please visit Living Made Easy and Ricability - both are fully accredited by the Department of Health's Information Standard. 

You can also find out more on Equipment on the Dudley Community Information Directory or in our Independent Living brochure below.