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Living well, feeling safe

The dark winter nights can encourage bogus callers to target older and vulnerable people. Distraction burglaries often increase during winter, particularly around Christmas. The Living Well Feeling Safe service offers free home visits on safety and security advice and equipment, such as door chains and window locks.

Fire risks also increase during winter. The Living Well Feeling Safe assessment offers free fire risk checks, smoke alarms and fire safety advice.

Telephone: 01384 817743.

Older people, in particular, are often targeted by scammers, in their homes. Recent local scams have included property maintenance cold callers, bogus mobility equipment and bogus home security alarm sales, along with fake lotteries and prize draws. Always be wary of people selling things at the door. If you are concerned seek advice from Dudley Trading Standards who are always happy to help.

Weather watch

Check the weather forecast and details on services affected by bad weather by visiting our Weather Watch pages.

Winter motoring

Driving in the winter is very different than in other times of the year. Winter motoring requires special care and a little preparation to avoid a breakdown or accident.

Emergency planning

Winters with low temperatures and heavy snowfall present a significant threat to human welfare, essential services and the economy. This is why it is important to be prepared for such events. Dudley Council's Emergency Planning team develop and maintain emergency plans to help coordinate resources and lessen impacts of cold weather. These enable communities, businesses and public services to respond to and recovery from emergencies more effectively.

To support the key aims of preparedness, prevention and protection in advance of a period of cold weather the Emergency Planning team have developed Dudley's Winter Plan. The plan outlines the management structures and procedures used by Dudley Council and provides a framework to support partnership working across the borough. The Plan draws heavily on identification of key risks and application of lessons learned from previous winters to ensure robust preparedness, response and recovery mechanisms are in place in readiness for a severe winter.