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Early Years Foundation Stage and Childcare Training Programmes

Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Childcare Professional Development Training Programmes. In Dudley we recognise that continuous professional development is vital in improving quality and outcomes for children.

Our training programmes are available to all Early Years and Childcare Practitioners within Dudley.  Our training calendar is coordinated well in advance to enable you to plan essential training for you and/or your team.  We welcome any invitation to meet with you at your settings to discuss any element of training and development.  We are also happy to engage with others working in the EYFS and childcare sector outside of the borough.

Our trainers

Our training officer will support you by:

  • helping you and your staff identify training and development needs
  • continuing to develop training networks to support and extend existing skills for childcare workers, playworkers and childminders
  • enhancing your awareness of relevant issues affecting you
  • building on existing strengths in providing opportunities to access training to meet the needs of new and existing childcare and playworkers
  • supporting you with development opportunities to meet quality standards
    offering guidance on the provision of the national qualifications framework
  • ensuring that relevant training is available to enable you to meet Ofsted Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements.

Our trainers are selected depending on their:

  • knowledge, qualifications and working experience of their subject area
  • understanding of the issues and difficulties involved in working in childcare provision and in different settings
  • training methods and activities used; we prefer experiential, active learning experiences and not 'chalk and talk'
  • value for money
  • reliability

Current priorities:

  • Provide sufficient training courses to support all safeguarding and welfare requirements in relation to the Early Years and Childcare Registers.
  • Develop Early Years and Childcare Practitioners skills, attitudes, values and behaviours in relation to their safeguarding role so that they can better support children in prevention from harm, abuse and neglect and taking appropriate actions should safeguarding concerns arise.
  • Increase the percentage of registered early years and childcare practitioners with a level 3 qualification.
  • Promote pathways to higher education and Early Years Teacher Status.
  • Promote, advise on and signpost to opportunities to improve Maths' English and Science skills to GCSE grade C or above.
  • Develop skills, knowledge and abilities to care for and educate children aged under 3 by providing specific training, information, advice and guidance.
  • Develop a strategy for E-learning including webinars, blended learning, stand alone modules, signpost to IT qualifications.
  • Improve Health and Wellbeing outcomes for children by the provision of education, advice, guidance and information encompassed in the Health and Wellbeing tool.

We endeavour to observe our trainers when they are first commissioned (and periodically thereafter) to confirm their suitability and that the course content, activities and handouts meet participants' needs and are in line with the Safeguarding and Welfare Requirements of the EYFS.

Safeguarding and Welfare

The Safeguarding and Welfare Training Programme is coordinated by our Childcare Workforce Officers. Our officers have a wide variety of experiences and qualifications in both training and the childcare sector. This experience also includes working with registered childminders, community groups and other agencies.

For more information please contact the childcare workforce officer.

Private, Voluntary and Independent (PVI) settings including Childminders


For all of our policies on Childcare training courses including attendance and cancellation please review here

E-learning opportunities

There are an enormous range of easy to access e-learning opportunities online provided by training providers, colleges, universities and many more - some free of charge.

Managers would benefit from trialling programmes to ensure that they are of good standard before enrolling staff, as there are many that are of poor quality, limited in terms of meeting learner needs or provide incorrect or out of date information.

There are some aspects for you to consider when viewing online courses:


  • flexibility
  • lower cost
  • mobility
  • can be tailored to your needs
  • technological possibilities
  • global


  • Lack of structure
  • Adaptability struggle
  • Technology issues
  • Computer proficiency
  • Time Management
  • Self-motivation
  • Cheating

Details of a range of e-learning providers and further information on the advantages and disadvantages can be found below.  Please note we have not commissioned or recommended these providers. You are responsible for ensuring that they meet your needs and those of your staff team.