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If You Lose Your Dog

All stray dogs picked up in the Dudley borough are taken to City Dogs Home. The contact details for these kennels is as follows:

City Dogs Home
186 Brookhouse Lane

Tel 01782 304130

If you lose your dog or believe it to be stolen please contact them to find out if they have your dog. Give them as much information as you can. The details you should pass on should include the following:

  • Colour
  • Coat type
  • Size
  • Age
  • Distinguishing marks
  • Sex
  • Breed
  • Identification tags

If you closely border other council areas, it will also be worth contacting the neighbouring authorities. Ask which kennels the dog wardens use to house stray dogs.

Reuniting seized dogs with their owners

On collection of your dog from City Dogs Home you will be required to pay all kennel costs with the statutory fee of £25.00, plus £30.00 fine payable on collection. Dogs are kennelled at the kennels for 7 days. If dogs are not collected by their owners they are offered for re-homing after the 7 day period.

Missing Pets

You could also consider the following things to find your pet:

  • Contact the police for the area in which you lost your dog or cat
  • Contact local pet shops
  • Contact grooming parlours
  • Contact local animal rescue organisations
  • Contact animal hospitals
  • Check ‘found’ ads in local papers
  • Place adverts in local newspapers
  • Post printed notes through neighbours’ doors
  • Ask local shops and businesses to put posters in

Local Vets

Look in your local Yellow Pages for the contact details of local vets, and phone through your missing dog and cat report. Once again, the more information you can provide, the better, as it will increase your chances of finding your pet quickly. Most vets keep a ‘lost and found’ book, and may also allow you to put up posters in the practices most local to you.

Injured Animals

  • Injured dogs: You can report injured dogs to the Council and our dog wardens will collect the animal.

  • Other injured animals: For other injured animals, please contact the Royal Society for the Protection of Animals (RSPCA), who can be contacted on 0121 426 6777.

Dead Animals

If your pet is missing and you would like to check the details of the animals that have been found, please contact either the Prestwood Pet Crematorium. You will need to give a description of your pet to enable records to be checked.

Prestwood Pet Crematorium 
Stapenhill Farm 
Prestwood Drive 
DY7 5QT 
Tel: 01384 873738

Please see our Dead Animals webpage for further information.

Search Online

There are a number of good online pet registration services, many of which give you free registration of your pet plus free access to their database. Website visitors can log in and list their pet as missing, and check the site around the clock to see if their pet has been found.

Here are some pet-finding sites: