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We provide a range of pest control services available Monday to Friday. We can also offer advice and guidance on most pest problems.

 Please note, this service is only available to properties located within the borough of Dudley.


Advice about what you can do to prevent pests infesting your home and treatments you can carry out yourself.

Removal of animal carcasses

The Council will respond quickly to requests for the removal and disposal of dead animals found on the highway or open land.

Commercial services

Pest infestations cost businesses money. Pests damage and contaminate food, gnaw through electrical cables and cause disease. As a food business proprietor it is YOUR responsibility to deal with pests effectively.

Pest control standards

Our Pest Control Service:

  • Uses trained and qualified staff;
  • Provides free advice;
  • Will carry out the most appropriate method of treatment;
  • Will not carry out unnecessary treatments;
  • Complies with current health and safety requirements and industry best practice;
  • Carries appropriate public liability insurance;
  • Uses safe, modern pesticides that are approved for UK use.

Pests not treated

The Pest Control Service do not provide treatment for the following animals:

  • Squirrels
  • Foxes
  • Pigeons

Whilst we do not provide treatments for these animals we are happy to offer advice if you have problems with any of the above.


Badgers and their setts are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992, which makes it illegal to kill, injure or take badgers or to interfere with a badger sett. The term ‘badger sett’ is normally understood to mean the system of tunnels and chambers, in which badgers live, and their entrances and immediate surrounds.

The Council is not responsible for solving problems relating to badgers and cannot offer advice.

The Natural England web site contains a considerable amount of information about badgers including a frequently asked questions section.

Alternatively there is a network of over 60 local Badger Groups across Great Britain, all working for the protection of their local badgers. Please see the Badger Trust website for further information.


Due to their environmental importance, we do not provide a treatment for bees, please contact the British Beekeepers Association.

Missing Pets

Find information and advice on what to do if your pet has gone missing.

Good sources of advice


When should I need to call out the pest control officer?

When you are sure you have an infestation. For example:

  • In the case of rats external to the residence, you need to have seen them regularly over a period of 3 to 4 days, and / or have other indications such as holes or disturbed refuse.
  • In the case of mice internal to the residence, you need to have seen droppings and possible chewed items, and you can hear noises.
  • If all attempts to treat the situation for yourself fail, i.e. trapping, baiting, or spraying with shop bought products.

How do I book a pest control visit?

Please contact Dudley Council Plus.

Do I have to be there when he calls?

Yes. You must be present when the pest control officer calls because:

  • They will need access to areas to lay bait.
  • Poisons are used and will need to give you the appropriate health and safety advice. 

He's called before, do I still have to be in?

You will need to speak directly to the pest control officer to confirm this as it will depend on the nature of the return visit.

I work all day and cannot be there, what can be done?

If you or a representative cannot be at home when pest control call,then it is suggested that you try self-treatment, or use a private pest control company. You can find a private pest control operator by referring to the Yellow Pages, or you could use view our "Fix-a-Home" leaflet.

When will he call?

You will be told the day of the visit but not a specific time. The pest control officer makes his visits between:

  • 9:00am and 3.30pm Monday to Thursday.
  • 9:00am and 2.30pm Friday.

What happens if I miss the visit?

If you miss the pest control officer's visit then a note will be put through the door asking you to call and re-book the appointment.