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What is the Rent Deposit Scheme?
The rent deposit scheme has been set up to help those people who may be struggling to secure a tenancy. The scheme will help people (who meet a set criteria) in providing them with a rent deposit guarantee, to allow them to find and secure a private tenancy.

Who does the scheme help?
The scheme is for people who are in need of housing but who are having difficulty accessing privately rented accommodation because they are unable to meet the landlords requirement for a cash deposit. People who have arrears owing to either DMBC or any other previous landlord will not be accepted unless there is a payment plan in place.

Please Note: The scheme cannot assist applicants who have already secured a Private Tenancy.

The Scheme is primarily for residents of Dudley although out of borough applicants may be considered if they have a proven link to the borough e.g. Work or caring responsibilities. The property for the scheme must also be within the Dudley borough.

Am I eligible for the scheme?
The scheme is available to single people (subject to age & local housing allowance criteria i.e. single person under 35 would only qualify for shared room allowance), couples and families who may be in receipt of benefits or on a low income and those who don’t have access to any savings. You do not have to be registered on Dudley MBC’s housing waiting list.

What deposit will the scheme pay?
The scheme will not provide you with a cash deposit but we will negotiate with a landlord on your behalf and will provide them with a written guarantee in place of a deposit. If there should be any damage to the property, or if you do not pay your rent within the first twelve months, your landlord will then be able to claim against the scheme and we would repay them up to the value of the guarantee. If this should happen, action may be taken against you to recover the amount paid to the landlord.

This situation would seriously affect your chances of the council providing you with accommodation in the future; you have up to 12 months from the start date of tenancy to save up the deposit to give to the landlord.

The scheme cannot help with Estate Agent fees or rent in advance.
If you are interested in the scheme please contact Dudley Council Plus on 0300 555 2345 who will refer you to the team to arrange an interview for you to apply for the scheme.

NB: The scheme does not represent an emergency service and it may take time to be accepted onto the scheme and to set up a tenancy.

Contact Details

Dudley Council Plus 0300 555 2345

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