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There is a high demand for social housing and many people find that they either face a long wait for one of these tenancies or that their circumstances make this type of housing an unrealistic option. This leaves the Private Rented Sector as the only realistic option for finding somewhere to live quickly in many cases.

Private Housing team

Our team provides services and advice to private landlords and private rental tenants.

We work towards ensuring landlords meet their legal obligations across Dudley.  Our work has an impact on the health and protection of residents and we work to remedy inadequate housing conditions.   Poor housing has a direct link to poor health, comfort and mental wellbeing.

We also investigate property related statutory nuisances, and carry out immigration inspections.

Are you a landlord?

If you are a private landlord we can offer advice on issues concerning landlord/tenant responsibility or information about the physical condition of your property.

Are you a tenant?

Private landlords offer a wide range of accommodation in most parts of Dudley. If you're on benefits or a low income you can find out whether you'll be eligible for Housing Benefit before you commit yourself to taking on a tenancy. 

Here you'll find useful information and advice for private tenants.

Empty properties

Empty properties are a wasted resource, especially when so many people need housing.  We can find out who owns empty or abandoned properties and work with owners to bring them back into use.

Are you a homeowner?

Here you'll find useful information and advice for homeowners.

Information, advice and guidance

Here you'll find useful information and advice on housing matters.