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A cycle lane is a marked space on the road to create a safer riding space for cyclists alongside the kerb

Cycle Routes are indicated by signs and markings. They may be either on the carriageway, on footways or on specially designated cycle paths.

Information for cyclists is available in the Highway Code

Types of cycle lane

  • Advisory Cycle Lane: This is marked by a broken line and cycle symbols on the road surface. Motorists should not enter the lane unless it is clear of cycles.

  • Mandatory Cycle Lane: This is marked by a continuous line, cycle symbols on the road and a blue and white sign plate. Motorists must not enter or park in the lane at anytime.

  • Contra-flow Cycle Lane: A one–way street can be more inconvenient for cyclists than for other road users. A contra–flow cycle lane let a cyclist travel against the direction of flow of the one–way street in safety and offers a more convenient and direct route. The lane is marked by a solid white line, and like mandatory cycle lanes, no parking or waiting is allowed by vehicles.

  • Shared Bus and Cycle Lane: Cyclists are allowed to use the bus lane. Motorists must not enter or park in the lane unless signs indicate times when they can.

Report a problem with a cycle lane

If you notice a problem with a cycle lane, please tell us about it using our online contact form.

Cycling on pavements

Cyclists should not ride on pavements unless there are signs to indicate that they may do so. When cyclists can use pavements, there are two kinds:

  • Unsegregated shared use: cyclists and pedestrians share the same stretch of pavement. Cyclists should give way to pedestrians.

  • Segregated shared use: A Solid white line marked on the ground separates pedestrians and cyclists. Sign plates and painted symbols indicate which side of the route each type of user is allocated.

Cycling in Dudley

Cycling is fun, keeps us fit and helps keep the air we breathe cleaner. The Road Safety and Travel Awareness Team provides training, advice and information to cyclists of all ages and types. We also produce route maps and promote cycling, taking part in Bike Week and other events

Our cycling strategy aims to develop the network of segregated cycle routes across the Borough. This will make use of canal towpaths, disused railway lines and public rights of way in order to avoid the area’s steep hills and heavily trafficked roads wherever possible.

Cycling maps

Although Dudley is rather hilly in places, there are plenty of cycling opportunities for all abilities and ages. Recommended routes, which have been identified by local cyclists and council officers, as well as off-road cycle paths, bike shops, parks and leisure facilities across the borough can be found on our cycling maps page