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All signs on the highway in Dudley must first be authorised

Requesting a new sign or road marking

To request new road signs and / or road markings you will need

  • The intended location
  • Your name, address, telephone number and email address
  • A brief description as to why the signs / road markings are required

Requesting a replacement sign

Contact us to request a replacement sign

Parking restrictions

Parking restrictions require a traffic regulation order. They are installed to improve road safety and reduce congestion.

The process of having them installed requires a decision by the Planning and Transportation Regulatory Panel. The panel will decide if order is needed.

The order is then advertised and people are given 21 days to object to its installation. At the end of this period a report is taken back to the Panel which details the objections and they then decide whether to introduce it.

If they decide that the order should be introduced, the order is 'sealed' and the works are implemented.

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