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Road Markings for Vehicle Crossings / H Bar Road Markings

Occasionally, when a Vehicle Crossing has been installed, there is a follow up call to request a white "H" mark. The decision as to whether a "H" mark is provided is made by the Traffic & Transportation Division. "H" marks are used for properties adjacent to public buildings - e.g. schools, offices, shops - the distance from such buildings is not specific and is dependant upon other environmental factors. "H" marks are not available for residential exclusive areas.

What is a 'H' Bar road marking?

It is a road marking, shaped like an elongated 'H' which is placed across a vehicular access or driveway. It is used to remind drivers that it is illegal to park in front of dropped kerb driveways.

Please note that this does not mean that all dropped kerb driveways are eligible to be highlighted with an advisory white "H" line.

How long can the marking be?

The marking is only intended to mark out the width of the driveway, and as such will only be provided from a point where the kerbs start sloping down (usually 1 metre from the edge of the driveway).

Can I use the 'H' bar to reserve a parking space for my own vehicle?

The marking is provided solely to highlight the presence of a driveway. If you park your own vehicle there, it devalues the meaning of the marking, and shows to other drivers that you do not need access to the driveway. 'H' bars which are continually parked over by the resident could be removed.

Can they be legally enforced?

'H' bars are a nationally recognised marking, and give West Midlands Police additional evidence to allow them to issue a fixed penalty notice for obstruction. Please note that, for enforcement,the presence of a white "H" line is not necessary because the law is being broken every time parking takes place in front of any dropped kerb driveway. The enforcement of obstruction of dropped kerb driveways remains with the Police.

Dudley's own Parking Attendants do not have the power to issue penalty notices for obstruction.

Who can apply for one?

Residents who live next to a building open to the public or leisure facility (e.g a Doctor’s Surgery, school, religious establishmentsleisure centre or park), subject to a vehicle crossing being in place, and the marking not conflicting with other road markings (e.g pedestrian crossing zigzag lines) or within 15 metres of Traffic Lights.

Straightforward applications from non-domestic properties or shared residential accesses will be considered.

To apply for a white H Mark, please contact us using the details below..

How much will it cost?

A fee is associated with an advisory white “H Line” . For this year's fee please view our fee area at the top of the page.

Can an Existing H Mark be extended?

An extension to an existing H Mark can only be made where the dropped kerb has been widened. The cost for such an extension will be applied to ALL applicants. For this year's fee please view our fee area at the top of the page.

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