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Parking restrictions require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and are installed to improve road safety and reduce congestion.

What is a TRO?

The legal document that creates a local traffic rule, which requires road users to obey certain conditions e.g. one-way systems, speed limits, weight limits, movement and waiting restrictions/ prohibitions.

Why are they needed?

  • To control or direct traffic.
  • To reduce and manage congestion
  • To reduce danger to all road users
  • To prevent damage to roads, bridges etc.
  • To preserve the character, or amenity, of an area

How are TROs created?

In general terms the order making process requires a decision by the Planning and Transportation Regulatory Panel that the order is needed. At this time the order is advertised and people are given 21 days to object to its installation. At the end of this period a report is taken back to the Panel which details the objections and they determine whether or not to introduce it.

If they decide that the order should be introduced the required works (lining, signing etc) are implemented and then the order is “sealed”. Seven days later it can be enforced.

The council can implement TROs on private roads with the permission of the landowner.

Where can I see the TROs in the borough of Dudley?

View the Traffic Regulation Orders Online. From these pages interactive mapping is available to show both:

  • Off-street car parks run by Dudley Council;
  • On-street parking, stopping and waiting for restrictions.

The current Off Street and On Street Traffic Regulation Orders information is available on our Civil Parking Enforcement in Dudley page.

Links to information such as car park tariffs and limited waiting restriction times are available. Please note that for off-street parking, only those car parks owned and managed by Dudley Council are available.

Traffic Consultation Database

The Traffic Scheme Consultation Database is a way for you to find out what consultations concerning traffic schemes have happened, are happening or are about to happen in the Dudley Borough. You can see what the current status of a consultation is and can can get involved by taking part in an online short questionnaire about any ongoing consultation we are running.

Enforcement of TROs

Full details of enforcement of the TROs can be found on the Parking Enforcement web page.

Fee Information

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  • Monday to Friday, 8.45 am to 5.00 pm, Please note that the offices are closed at weekends and Bank Holidays