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Yellow and white lines on the highway

There are various types of yellow lines that are marked on the road or edge of the pavement/kerb that indicate waiting restrictions

Yellow lines are provided where there is a need to restrict parking for the following reasons:

  • Prevent obstructive and dangerous parking
  • Assist in the general flow of traffic
  • Improve road safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists
  • Improve visibility at junctions
  • Improve access for emergency service/refuse vehicles

General pointers regarding parking restrictions

  • Double yellow lines indicate no waiting at any time and they apply to the road, pavement and verge. You may, however, load and unload goods or set down and pick up passengers, unless the signs or road markings indicate you cannot. Time plates are not necessary.

  • Single yellow lines indicate waiting restrictions at some time during the day. Refer to the yellow time plates for times except in controlled parking zones.

  • Loading restrictions are indicated by yellow kerb markings. Double kerb markings indicate no loading at any time. Single yellow kerb markings indicate no loading at a particular time, again refer to the yellow time plates.

  • In controlled parking zones the entry signs give details of the times and days the restrictions operate. Inside the zone, yellow lines indicate where waiting is prohibited or restricted. No yellow time plates are provided unless the waiting restriction imposed on that particular length of road is different from that indicated on the zone entry.​

Loading and unloading? What is a waiting restriction?

Restrictions vary from 'no waiting at any time' to 'day time waiting restrictions', which are indicated by time plates. The time plates show when the restrictions are enforced.

Limited waiting restrictions are indicated by a white box marking and loading restrictions are indicated by yellow lines on the side of the pavement/kerb.

Double yellow lines no longer required a “no waiting” signplate, they can be enforced without signage.

White Lines

White lines are provided primarily to help road users by giving different types of information on lane use and direction.

For further information on the types of lines and there meanings, please refer to the Highway Code.

View existing traffic regulation orders

Parking restrictions require a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) and are installed to improve road safety and reduce congestion. You can view Traffic Regulation Orders Online via our interactive map. This also includes links to car park tariffs and limited waiting restriction times.

Report a problem

To report worn yellow and white lines, please contact us