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We have many dog bins throughout the borough to encourage owners and anyone in control of a dog to clear up any mess.

Several types of poop scoops for removing dog waste are available. The most common type of poop scoop is an ordinary plastic bag or nappy sack, because they are cheap and easy to use.

We maintain and empty most of the dog bins generally situated on public highways or footpaths within Dudley.

It's an offence not to pick up your dog's foul. If there isn't a dog bin nearby, it's acceptable to use a litter bin. If a bin isn't available you should take the waste home with you. In a court of law, the fact that there wasn't a bin in the vicinity is not an acceptable excuse.

Please ensure that when using the bins that the bag fully enters the bin and does not get trapped in the lid. We often receive reports of full bins and when checked it's simply a bag trapped in the lid.

Report problems with dog bins

Please contact us if you would like to:

  • Report instances of dog fouling
  • Report a full or damaged dog bin.
  • To request a new dog waste bin or new dog fouling signs