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It is an offence if you do not to clean up after your dog if it has fouled in a public place, and could result in an 'on the spot' fine if you fail to do so.

Dog mess is an eyesore and a health hazard. If you are a dog owner, you have a legal duty to clean up every time your dog messes in a public place.

A small minority of dog walkers do not take their responsibilities for their dog seriously. This means that dog mess is not always cleaned up. This can increase significantly if the case is referred to the Magistrates Court for prosecution.

The council issues on the spot fines to irresponsible dog owners who have failed to clean up after their dog has defecated.

To assist dog owners, warning notices are in place in relevant areas together with a network of dog fouling bins where dog waste can be deposited.

If you require any information or advice, please contact us using the details below and ask for the dog fouling enforcement officer.

There is a dog fouling problem I want to report. What do I do?

Please report it to us with as much information as possible using our online Dog Fouling / Street Cleansing Report Form or the contact details below.

We keep the source of information confidential and use it to ensure we have the best chance of catching the irresponsible person who doesn’t clear up when their dog fouls.

The type of information that will help us includes:

  • Where the dog lives
  • Descriptions of the dog
  • Descriptions of anyone walking the dog
  • The time when the dog is in the area (dogs and their owners often follow similar exercise routes and times)
  • Associated vehicle registration numbers

Request a new dog litter bin or for an existing bin to be emptied

Report a damaged or vandalised dog bin

Please use our online Street Maintenance Form

Excuses that are not acceptable

  • Allowing your dog to roam the streets – you are still legally in charge of it.
  • Looking the other way and not seeing it foul.
  • Not having a poop-scoop with you.
  • It’s not your dog that you’re taking for a walk!


Registered blind people are not required to clean up after their guide dogs. There is also an exemption for dog owners on some kinds of public land, including:

  • Land used for agriculture or woodlands
  • Rural common land
  • Land that is predominantly marshland, moor or heath
  • Highways with a speed limit of 50mph or more

Dog Bins

The Council has installed a number of Dog Bins throughout the borough to encourage owners and anyone in control of a dog to clear up after the dog. The Council maintains and empties most of the dog bins generally situated on public highways or footpaths within the borough.

The law

Section 59 of the Anti-Social Behavior Crime and Policing Act 2014 provides local Authorities with the powers to take Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO).

The Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council Public Space Protection Order (Dog Control and Dog Fouling) 2018 came into force on 10th April 2018. The PSPO allows Local Authorities to issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to a person in charge of a dog for failing to remove its faeces. A person may also be issued with a Fixed Penalty Notice if a dog is taken into or kept within a closed children's play area which is signed at its entrance(s) as a "dog exclusion area".

What are the penalties if you don’t clear up after your dog?

The Council can issue a range of Fixed Penalty Notices (fines) for offences that can have a negative impact on the local environment; these include offences relating to litter, dog fouling, fly tipping, waste, and abandonment of vehicles.

Within the 14 day period set out in the Fixed Penalty Notic,e you must either pay it or request that the matter be heard by a court. You may not do both. If you fail to do either, Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council as an enforcement authority may pursue this matter through the Magistrates court under the relevant legislation referred to in the Fixed Penalty Notice.

For further information on fines please see:

Prosecutions Register

A public register of prosecutions is maintained detailing details of prosecutions and formal cautions issued in the last three years. Where serious offences arise or there is a history of non-compliance, consideration will be given to pursuing prosecution or formal caution.

Before we undertake any criminal proceedings in court we have to ensure that the case is in the public interest to prosecute. We may instead offer alleged offenders the opportunity to formally admit their guilt and accept a formal caution.

How will the Council know if you don’t clear up?

There are many Council officers and some police officers that can issue Fixed Penalty Notices. Every report/complaint of dog fouling is investigated.

More and more people tell us who causes problems, when fouling happens and where offenders live.

Why is dog fouling such a problem?

  • It's a health risk: Round worm eggs (Toxocara) in dog faeces can cause blindness, epilepsy, asthma and eye infections. The worm eggs can survive in the soil even after it’s rained, so children playing on grass are much more at risk. The bacteria can cause sickness and diarrhoea
  • It's socially unacceptable: It spoils the environment around people’s homes.

What you should do

  • Don’t let your dog roam the streets.
  • Always carry a “poop-scoop” when walking your dog. Remember to take a poop-scoop as you remember the lead. A plastic carrier bag is all you need!
  • Scoop the poop every time your dog fouls.
  • Dispose of the fouled poop-scoop in a dog bin or take it home and put it with your household refuse.

Contact Details

  • Name Street Cleansing, Environmental Management
  • Address Directorate of the Urban Environment , Lister Road Depot , Lister Road , Dudley , DY2 8JW
  • Telephone 0300 555 2345