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Single Person Discount Review 2022/23

Residents have a final opportunity to confirm they are eligible for the discount before increased bills are issued. If you are in receipt of a letter, please complete the review online or by using the enclosed form.

Single Person Discount Review 2022/23 - Single Person Discount Review 2022/23 online form 

Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline

Landscape Design and Landscape Architecture is the art and practice of designing the outdoor environment.

  • Landscape design works
  • Landscape Architects carry out a wide range of projects and it’s their knowledge and skills in site evaluation, design creativity, planning, planting and construction detailing which enables them to tackle projects at different scales and complexity.
  • Landscape Assistants assist on landscape projects, but also specialise in producing maps, plans, leaflets and other graphics for multi-disciplinary clients within Dudley Council.
  • In Dudley the Landscape Design Team are involved in many projects for local community groups, schools, parks, town centres and along transport routes.
  • The Landscape Design team input to and help to steer all stages of the Planning Development Management process.

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