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These graves can be for a maximum of three burials and the depth has to be determined with the first burial. However, even if the grave is “full” a number of additional cremated remains can also be buried in the grave.

The lawn graves are turfed flat, once the ground has had time to settle, normally within six months after a burial and then maintained to a high standard by the Authority, at no further cost. For this reason, please do not place vases, pots, plants, shrubs or other objects in the centre of the grave. You can place items on the slab at the head of the grave or just along the front of the slab in a narrow border no deeper than six inches (15cm).

The erection of a wide range of memorials are permitted, however for the safety of other visitors and staff, and to ensure high standards of maintenance, kerbs, edging, fencing and chippings are strictly NOT permitted on any Lawn section.

Available at the following cemeteries: