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Dudley Performing Arts (DPA) encourages people of all ages and abilities to participate in community music and arts activities. DPA works in partnership with schools and other organisations, both in the borough and regionally, to deliver opportunities for young people.

Enrol now to start lessons either in school or at Resonance in September 2022 by visiting music lessons in schools.

The Dudley Performing Arts Summer Festival is back. Find out more on our Summer Festival Page and join us in Mary Steven's Park on July 3rd.

Lessons with Dudley Performing Arts

You can apply for lessons to start in September 2022 if you live or go to school in the Dudley area. You can find out how to enrol by visiting Music Lessons in Schools.

Bands and Choirs

Through the Dudley Music Education Hub we are committed to providing opportunities for children and young people to be involved in regular performance activities. We believe this is a vital part of a child’s musical tuition and enhances their musical development.

Enrol in bands and choirs

Please go to our parent portal and to enrol in one of our performance groups  select ‘enrol for an activity’ followed by ‘DPA performance group’. You will then be able to enter student information and enrol into any groups that you take part in.

Services for Schools

We will work with schools to support the development of cultural education. Partnership agreements can vary from simply providing accommodation and helping promote work through to commissioning services to deliver areas of the school curriculum. An overview of our offer can be read in services for schools.

Music Theory

We plan to pilot a series of music theory lessons at Resonance every Tuesday evening between 4.30pm – 5.30pm. Music theory is the written aspect of music and an important part of becoming a well-rounded musician. It gives children a better understanding of rhythm, harmony and melody enhancing their playing ability.  

The pilot will be based on a set of 10 sessions per term, £7.50 per session. Children will need to bring either the ABRSM or Trinity theory workbook for the grade they are working at. If you want more information about whether this is suitable for your child drop your DPA teacher an email.

  • Lessons will start on 8th March

If you would like to book a set of 10 sessions simply go to the DPA Parent Portal  and enrol for theory which you will find in Music Lessons at Resonance.

Dudley Performing Arts has long been at the forefront of music education in the Dudley borough, both in the classroom and other community settings.

Dudley Performing Arts

  • The group supports DPA events by stewarding, fundraising and offering moral support to the young people taking part. Just by being there you can make a big difference to their experience.

    Find out more by contacting Dudley Performing Arts and we will put you in touch.

  • Resonance, Cable Plaza, Waterfront West, Brierley Hill, DY5 1LW

  • The Dudley Performing Arts' team is more than happy to hear from you, talk through any queries or concerns and go through the options and opportunities on offer through our services.