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Dudley Council
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Early Years and Childcare

Our aim is to provide the best start in life for every child across the borough by providing quality services and support to children, young people and their families.

For Parents and Carers

How to get help with finding and choosing the right childcare for you and your family. 

Setting up Childcare

Working with children is an important, rewarding and fun career you can be proud of. You will play an incredibly valuable role in supporting the lives of future generations.

Family Centres

Our aim is to give children, young people and their families access to the best services and opportunities at places that are most convenient to them.

For Professionals

Dudley is committed to inclusion for all its children and young people, regardless of their experiences and circumstances. We believe that every child has the right to reach their full potential.  Inclusion is a process we continually work towards with the aim of ensuring a flexible approach to meet the ever-changing needs of our children and young people. Dudley recognises that children are all different and prides itself on ensuring that these differences are valued, celebrated and respected.

We work in partnership with specialist services to ensure children, young people and their families receive consistent, quality childcare provision.  We aim to ensure there is good quality, accessible childcare places available for children with additional educational needs and/or disabilities and for children from minority groups.