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Anti-Social Behaviour Community Trigger

If you have already had your anti-social behaviour or hate crime case reviewed and were not happy with the outcome, then you can request to have your case reopened. This is called the Community Trigger.

Anti-social behaviour can include a number of things, such as threats of violence, repeated abuse, hate crimes, physical violence, excessive noise, vandalism and graffiti, racial abuse, and drug dealing.

If your reported case of anti-social behaviour has been closed and you were not satisfied with the original outcome, or are still experiencing difficulties, the Community Trigger can allow for your case to be revised. A number of agencies may be involved to further investigate your case, such as Dudley Council, West Midlands Police, and landlords, to help meet a victims needs.

Anti-Social Behaviour Policy

Frequently asked questions

Who can use the Community Trigger?

You can ask for your anti-social complaint to be looked at using the Community Trigger scheme if:

  • You have raised three anti-social behaviour reports over the previous six months.
  • You have reported a hate crime incident within the last six months that you believed that you or another had been targeted because of race, gender identity, disability, religion, sex or sexual orientation and you believe no action has been taken.
  • You and four of your neighbours have raised an anti-social behaviour report within the last 6 months and you believe no action has been taken.

How do I apply for my case to be looked at under Community Trigger?

Please complete the application form by following the link 'Request a Review of Your Case' above.

What happens to my application once you receive it?

Your form will be sent to the council’s community safety team to review. They will look at the information you have provided and make some initial enquiries to see whether your application meets the criteria for the Community Trigger.

The team will then be in contact to let you know their decision and assign a case officer.

If your complaint meets the criteria, it will be referred to a panel who will review all of the evidence related to the case.

How long will it be before I hear about the outcome of my application?

Your application will be acknowledged in two working days, and you will be advised of the outcome within 28 days.

If I do not agree with the decision of the panel – can I appeal?

Yes, you will be able to make an appeal if you do not agree with the outcome of your case. When the panel inform you of their decision they will also give details of how to submit an appeal.

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Your feedback is very important to us. To improve our service and ensure that we meet the needs of our customers, we would be grateful if you could complete a short survey about your experience with the Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

You will need a unique case reference number that would have been given to you when your case was closed. Without this number your survey cannot be submitted.