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Your Tenancy

Welcome to your new home. On this page you will find lots of useful information to help you settle in to your new home.

Your New Home

Information about moving in, change of tenancy, ending your tenancy and who your housing manager is

Tenancy Agreements

Your tenancy agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities as a council tenant. 

Tenants' Handbook

The tenants' handbook provides information you need to know about being a tenant of Dudley Council - including rights and responsibilities of both parties. It also tells you how to make the most of the services we offer.

Anti-Social Behaviour

Anti-Social behaviour can affect anybody. Living in your own home without feeling threatened or being subject to noise nuisance is something we want every one of our tenants to be able to enjoy. Loud music, barking dogs, and unreasonable behaviour are all anti-social and no-one should have to suffer from them. The Council does take this issue very seriously and will be keen to work with you to tackle any problems you may have.

Home Contents Insurance

Many council tenants and leaseholders believe that we automatically insure furniture, belongings and decorations against theft, fire, vandalism, or burst pipes. This is not the case. Unfortunately, many people only realise this after the damage has been done.

The council offers a scheme at competitive rates, underwritten by a reputable insurance company.

Living In Flats

Find important information about living in high or low rise flats including recycling, rubbish, and repairs.

Termination of Tenancies

Find information on what your responsibilities are when moving out of your council home, if someone you know is moving in to permanent residential or nursing home care, and advice on what to if a relative in tenancy has passed away.

You can also find out lots of useful information and advice on housing matters under our Advice and Support pages.

Your Contact Details

If you have given us permission to use your contact details (mobile, landline and email address) we will use these to discuss, email or text you on matters relating to your Housing Service. We will protect your details and store the information in compliance with the Data Protection act and we will only share your contact details where there is a lawful basis to do so, for example: for crime of fraud prevention. To opt out of text messages, please use the form below. 

If you are a Dudley council tenant or leaseholder and you want to help us keep your contact details up to date, please complete the on-line form.