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Single Person Discount Review 2022/23

Residents have a final opportunity to confirm they are eligible for the discount before increased bills are issued. If you are in receipt of a letter, please complete the review online or by using the enclosed form.

Single Person Discount Review 2022/23 - Single Person Discount Review 2022/23 online form 

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Rubbish Collection (Wheelie Bin or Black Sack Collection)

We provide residents with a weekly kerbside rubbish collection using grey lidded wheelie bins for the disposal of general non-recyclable household waste. Blocks of flats are usually served with larger bulk bins. In some areas where access is an issue we operate a black bag collection service.

Report a missed bin or any collection issue

You can use our Missed bin or collection issues form to report queries and issues relating to the collections for missed bins, household refuse collections, garden waste collections and kerbside recycling collections.

Report a Wheelie Bin problem

If you have any problems with the new wheelie bin service you can tell us using the Household Waste Wheelie Bin Service form.

Black Sack Supply

The Council will provide households in areas authorised as difficult access with the equivalent of one replacement plastic sack each week, delivered on a roll. If you use these up before the next delivery, you will have to supply your own black sacks until the new supply is delivered. Please ensure if using your own supply, the sacks are of a standard domestic sack size (approximate 80 litres) and strong enough to hold the waste.

If you wish to report an issue with your black sack, such as a missing black sack delivery or to request the extra sack service please use our online Black sack supply service form.

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