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Report a safeguarding concern

Safeguarding is about protecting children, young people and adults at risk from abuse or neglect. Abuse is not normal and never ok. Being abused means a person is being deliberately hurt by someone else. If you are concerned about a child, young person or adult report it to Dudley Safeguarding. report it

Specialist support services

Visit the link below to find out information about adult social care specialist support services who deal with areas such as autism, mental health, learning disabilities and visual / hearing impairments. You will find detailed information, related publications as well as contact details.  Find out more about specialist support services

Leisure and social opportunities

To access some day opportunities you will need to contact adult social care services for an assessment. Others can be accessed directly. The page below and the links from it will give you an idea of what opportunities are available and how you can access them.  Find out more leisure and social opportunities

Living Independently Service

The living independently service is a free service, available for a maximum of six weeks, for adults who need help regaining or maximising their independence, to enable them to continue living at home. The service is also sometimes known as reablement, rehabilitation or intermediate care.  Find out more about the living independently service

Transport and mobility

Adult social care transport provides a specialist, accessible transport service to assessed service users. A network of providers work in partnership to meet the travel needs of vulnerable adults in Dudley. Transport can be provided by social services internal fleet vehicles, voluntary groups, community transport and externally procured taxis and coaches.  Find out more about transport and mobility


Learning and employment

Adult and Community Learning in Dudley offers a wide range of part-time courses for adults. In this section you will also find information about training for people working in health and social care, learning for younger people with disabilities, colleges and universities and more.  Find out more about learning and employment


Prevention services

Not everyone who has an a illness or a disability need ongoing 'social care services' which in any event can only be provided to people who meet our eligibility criteria. However, there are a number of other services which are available to help people to avoid or delay needing this help and to remain fully independent for as long as possible. This also benefits family members who are offering support.  Find out more about prevention services

Universal services

By universal services we mean the kind of things that are available to all citizens across the borough. You do not need to come to adult social care services to use these. Follow the link below for more on these or look at the Dudley community information directory where hundreds of groups, agencies and services have listed their details.  Find out more about universal services

Supporting People Service

Supporting People services provide support to vulnerable people to help them to achieve and/or maintain independent living. This support is designed to help people to develop the skills that they need to run a home, stay safe, be healthy and participate in work; volunteering or social activities that make them feel part of their local community.  Find out more about the supporting people service


Applying for welfare benefits

There are a number of ways of getting benefits advice. There are some options at the link below including information on housing and council tax benefits, the Care and Disability Line and links to online support such as the Benefits Advisor.  Find out more about benefits advice