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If you or a member of your household are having difficulties getting in or around your home, bathing, or getting upstairs, then we may be able to help you adapt your home to meet your needs.

Residents are supported by the Dudley Home Improvement Service, and offers full support throughout the whole process. They will be able to help and advise you on the following:

  • Advice from enquiry through to the process of application.
  • Information on the availability of grants to help pay for adaptations in your home.
  • All work carried out will be arranged and carried out by the service.

Once enquired, there is a four part process to the adaptations being started which can be arranged for any member of the household who is struggling as a result of physical or mental ailment, illness or disability.


Either yourself or member of your household will be assessed by an occupational therapist or trained assessor to discuss your needs and how they impact your wellbeing. The assessment may take place at your home, over the telephone or at the council’s Assisted Living Centre.

Following your assessment the occupational therapist will make a recommendation on what adaptation, aids or support is needed to enable you to continue living independently.

In some instances your needs may be met by providing you with community equipment, a rehabilitation programme or simply a lifestyle change.


If the recommendation made is for the provision of equipment or a rehabilitation programme then the occupational therapist will arrange this for you.

All recommendations for 'minor' or 'major' adaptations will be passed to the relevant housing team to the Dudley Home Improvement Service. Minor adaptations up to £1000 will be free of charge, however you can choose to fund a more expensive solution and will be supported to make sure that this option is suitable for both your home and your needs.

At this stage, alternative housing may be considered if certain adaptations to your home are not possible.

Design and build

All ‘minor’ adaptations will be organised by the council and passed directly to the builders. All 'major' adaptations will be determined by a Technical Officer

If the adaptation cannot go ahead, you may have to consider moving to a more suitable property.

We will make all of the necessary applications for planning and building control where needed.

Your adaptation may require approval from the planning department to make amendments to your home, such as an extension, an external step, or a lift. This can take up to 12 weeks to obtain planning approval from the date of submitting a planning application.

Managing the Build
A suitable contractor will be assigned to you to ensure the work is completed. They will visit your home prior to the work being started and will ensure appropriate checks have been made. Your Technical Officer will also visit you throughout the week to ensure the work is progressing smoothly and that you are satisfied with the works.

All payments to the contractor will be made via the council either upon completion of the work or as stage payments throughout the course of the work.


If you are a homeowner, or a private rental tenant, disabled and need to make changes to your home we may be able to help you with a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG). A DFG is subject to mandatory financial assessment to determine how much we can assist and how much you may need to contribute towards the cost of the works. DFGs are available following an assessment and recommendation by an Occupational Therapist via Adult Social Care.

If you rent your home from the council then it is likely that your adaptations will be funded as part of your tenancy agreement assuming that:

  • Your rent account is not in a state of arrears.
  • You have not recently submitted a 'Right to Buy' application which is being processed.
  • You do not have a re-housing application in place.

In some instances, your rent may increase as a consequence of your adaptations, such as if the number of bedrooms are increased as a result of the adaptation.

If you wish to arrange your own adaptations, or simply want to take a look at what's available to help. You can visit the council’s Assisted Living Centre based in Brierley Hill and speak to one of our advisors who will be able to discuss your needs.