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The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 introduced specific measures designed to give victims and communities a say in the way that complaints of antisocial behaviour are dealt with.

The anti-social behaviour case review, formerly known as the community trigger, gives victims of persistent antisocial behaviour, reported to any of the main responsible agencies (such as the council, police, housing provider) the right to request a multi-agency case review where the local threshold is met.

Agencies, including local authorities, the police, local health teams and registered providers of social housing have a duty to carry out a case review when someone requests one and their case meets the locally defined threshold.

In Dudley this process is managed by the council.

How it works

How a case review is carried out is agreed locally.

Applications may come directly from the victims of antisocial behaviour or from a third party (with the victim’s consent), such as a family member, friend or local elected representative (a councillor or MP). The victim may be an individual, a business or a community group.

Each local area sets a threshold which must be met for the trigger to be used. The threshold must include:

  • The frequency of complaints
  • Effectiveness of the response
  • Potential harm to the victim or victims making the complaint

The process

When an anti-social behaviour case review is requested, agencies must decide whether the threshold has been met and communicate this to the victim.

If the threshold is met

A case review will be undertaken by the relevant bodies. Agencies will share information related to the case, review what action has previously been taken and decide whether there are additional actions that can be taken.

The victim will then be informed of the outcome of the review. Where further actions are necessary an action plan will be discussed with the victim, including timescales.

New cases

If you want to make a NEW report of Anti-Social Behaviour, please do not use the Anti-Social Behaviour Case Review form but please use our Report Anti-Social Behaviour form instead.

Frequently asked questions

What are the thresholds?

You can request a case review if:

  • Three or more separate incidents, relating to the same problem within the past six months have been reported to the Council/ Police/Landlord and no action has been taken, or the action that has been taken is not proportionate to the nature of the incident(s).

  • The complainant has reported one incident or crime motivated by hate (due to race, religion, disability, sexual orientation or transgender identity) in the last six months and no action has been taken, or the action that has been taken is not proportionate to the nature of the incident(s).

  • At least five people have made reports about the same problem in the past six months to the council/Police or their landlord and no action has been taken, or the action that has been taken is not proportionate to the nature of the incident(s).
  • Shared with the victim

How long will it be before I hear about the outcome of my application?

Your application will be acknowledged in two working days, and you will be advised of the outcome within 28 days.

What happens if I do not agree with the outcome of the Panel?

When the panel inform you of their decision, they will also give details of how to submit an appeal should you remain dissatisfied.

How do I request a review?

The ASB Case Review is not a substitute or alternative to a formal complaints procedure and all agencies have processes in place to deal with a formal complaint about a given service.  Contact your lead agency or contact us for advice.

Number of case reviews

The Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014 requires publication of the statistical data in relation to ASB Case reviews requested in a local government area.

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