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The safety of all is paramount when works have to be carried out on our roads. The public need to be warned of the existence of the works and then guided safely around them with temporary signs.

Road closures can sometimes requires the use of temporary traffic lights. If it's impossible or unsafe to carry out work in proximity to 'live' traffic, it is sometimes necessary to put diversions in place and close the road. This decision is never taken lightly.

Current road closures and roadworks can be found on the One.Network interactive map

Report a problem

If you have any concerns regarding a road closure, please contact us

Always report highway obstructions to us as soon as you can so we can investigate the incident.

Further information

Minimising disruption

We aim to minimise road works disruption by co-ordinating work on the Highway. Where possible, companies are encouraged to take advantage of the work of others so that disruption is minimisedOnce an organisation has road space 'booked' for works, the organisation is obliged to carry out the works as quickly as possible. It should be done such a way as to cause minimum inconvenience to road users.

What we do

  • Process temporary traffic lights and road closure applications for roads in the borough.
  • Select alternative routes and set out the signs required to divert traffic.
  • Demand action if organisations working in the road have inadequate signage.
  • Inform others such as emergency services and bus companies.
  • Process the legal temporary road closure orders within the borough.
  • Instigate temporary road closures under the Town Police Clauses Act 1847, Section 21. This covers events such as carnivals, fairs, marathons and street parties.

Road closures for events

Any event on the public highway involves a significant amount of risk and event safety has to be paramountIt's recommended that where possible events are held in parks and open spaces, as the highway is a potentially dangerous place to hold events.

If you wish to hold a street party or close a street for any other reason, approval before the event must be obtained to ensure that the following conditions are met:

  • An Event Co-ordinator must be appointed.
  • The event must comply with all Council local laws.
  • Public liability of at least £5m must be obtained for the event.
  • Residents and businesses affected by the event must be notified.
  • Signatures in support of the event obtained.

The Event Co-ordinator is responsible for:

  • Obtaining the written approval of Police, Ambulance and Fire services.
  • The cost of any Council media advertising of the street closure.
  • Liability for any loss of or damage to barricades, signs etc. used to effect the temporary road closure and for the cost of cleaning following the event if required.

Street parties

For a Street Party, in addition to the above requirements you must also comply with the following:

  • All of the residents and businesses on the street must support the temporary road closure in accordance with the above conditions.
  • The party can only be held in a local street.
  • The party must be completed by 12 midnight unless approval is given to extend the time.
  • Application must be made 8 weeks prior to the event

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