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As the Local Highway Authority we are responsible for speed control measures in the borough. This also includes all associated signage and investigation into complaints of damage

Requesting a new speed hump

To request new speed hump you will need:

  • The intended location
  • Your name, address, telephone number, and email address
  • A brief description as to why the signs/road markings are required

Benefits and regulations

Road safety benefits of speed humps

Speed humps have been used throughout the borough as a way to reduce accidents at identified hotspots.

Before their introduction we investigate very carefully the cause of accidents. In doing this we investigate all the factors which may affect driver behaviour.

After this we make a balanced judgement about why accidents are happening and how we can reduce them. We do not only look at introducing road humps. We may well consider alternative solutions. These could include mini roundabouts, surface treatments, improved signs and markings and chicanes for example.

Speed humps can sometimes lead to complaints about increased noise and vibration from traffic. They have however been proven to reduce traffic speed and have been installed in many locations to good effect.

Traffic consultation

Please take a look at our ongoing traffic consultations and have a say in the future of transport planning in the Dudley Borough. You can make a difference and we want to hear from you.

Report a problem

A damaged speed hump can be reported by contacting us

If the issue that you are raising requires immediate attention please do not complete the form but telephone our emergency number.