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Planning an extra special celebration? Looking for a ceremony that is unique and personalised? Upgrade your classic ceremony to a tailor-made ceremony for a bespoke and personal experience and have your day your way. Whatever your wish, we will make it come true if we can!

All our ceremonies are special, but to have a truly individual experience that feels totally personal to you as a couple, we are now offering tailor-made ceremonies. Each tailor-made ceremony is created individually including everything that is special to you as a couple. 

Upgrade your celebration to a tailor-made ceremony for £50 and you will get:

  • support and guidance from our ceremony team
  • a ceremony planning meeting
  • 20 personalised invitations
  • Further choices of ring vows
  • Further choices of promises
  • personally written promises
  • formal 'giving away' of the bride
  • help to complete your choices and select any 'extras'
  • keepsake personalised ceremony script
  • step-by-step run through of your ceremony
  • option to add readings of your choice
  • option to create a personalised playlist*
  • option to add a sand ceremony*

From the day you book until the day you celebrate, you will receive support and help from our ceremony team, who can answer all your questions so you can enjoy your wedding, your way

*Additional fee payable for this service

  • Priory Suite wedding
  • wedding car
  • Sand ceremony frame
  • Thomas Robinson Building from sunken garden
  • Thomas Robinson Heart

Support and guidance

Couples opting for a tailor-made ceremony receive the full support of our ceremony team. They are available 6 days a week to help and guide you through your ceremony planning journey. Our team has years of experience in making wedding dreams come true and can help you to create the perfect ceremony, no matter how grand or small you want it to be. 

Ceremony planning meeting

Once you have booked your ceremony and given notice at your local register office, the next step is to attend a ceremony planning meeting.

One of our ceremony co-ordinators will meet with you and guide you through all the options available and discuss your wedding wish list so together we can create the perfect ceremony.

Please drop us a message when you are ready to arrange a meeting with us at

Personalised invitations

Included in our tailor-made ceremony are 20 personalised invitations. You can select from any design from our range which will then be created for you. If you want more, that's not a problem, you can purchase additional quantities as well as any other items from our full range of stationery.

Ring vows

Choose from a selection of six ring vows


Choose from a  selection of five promises

Personally written promises

Write your own promises to each other, make the promises that you want to make, that are personal to you and we will include it in your ceremony

Giving away of the bride

Have the moment you always dreamt of, be led by the father of the bride down the aisle. The Registrar will say a few words about the symbolisation of this tradition, before dad places your hand into your groom's.

Same-sex couples may want to add a modern twist and both be given away...


Choices and extras

Our ceremony co-ordinators will be on hand to help you to select your ceremony choices and any extras. From flowers and photography to wedding cars, we can help you to organise it all.

Keepsake script

When all the decisions are made, your personalised ceremony script will be produced. We will send you a copy so you can check it through and retain as a keepsake.

Prepare for your ceremony

Our ceremony co-ordinator will run through the ceremony with you so that you know exactly what to expect on the big day. She will talk you through the process step by step. 

You can book a ceremony rehearsal and have a trial run. There is a fee to pay for this additional service.

Add readings

Include family and friends in the ceremony by adding a reading or two. A short poem or piece of prose read by a close friend or family member is just another way of making your ceremony personal to you.

You can even pen your own poem!

Personalised playlist

Music plays an important part for most couples. We offer a choice of ten playlists to enhance your ceremony, however with a tailor-made ceremony you have the option to add a personalised playlist. For an additional fee of £20 we will create your own ceremony playlist with songs and music selected by you. The choice is yours!

Add a sand ceremony

Adding a sand ceremony to your celebration is another way of making the event unique and personal to you.

It forms an integral part of your ceremony and creates a unique keepsake for you to take away and cherish. The gradual blending of the coloured sands symbolises the blending of two individual  lives into one couple as time goes on.

An additional fee is payable for a sand ceremony.

Tailor-made fee

Upgrade to a tailor-made ceremony for a one off cost of £50

Tailor-made choices and payments

If you choose to upgrade to a tailor-made ceremony, as soon as you have both given notice we will send you your tailor-made choices pack. You are free to go online when you are ready to submit your ceremony choices and pay any outstanding ceremony balance, but please make sure that you do this no later than three months before your ceremony. You may use the system as many times as you wish to order ceremony extras at any stage of the process, but to avoid disappointment, please do not leave it to the last minute.

Please visit our wedding planner page to find out more about our ceremony extras