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For just £105 this unique and personalised ceremony can be added to your marriage celebration

If you are getting married at Priory Hall or the  Thomas Robinson Building we are now offering you the opportunity to enhance your marriage with a Sand Ceremony. A sand ceremony is a unique way of personalising your ceremony. The combining of different coloured sands symbolises the life-long commitment being made and the joining of two lives. Children can be included as well, to symbolise the blending of families. It is a very simple idea that can be beautifully romantic and incredibly powerful.

A sand ceremony can be part of your marriage celebration in both the Priory Suite and the Wollescote Suite and will follow the exchange of rings. We offer a choice of three ceremony options and the cost includes sparkling coloured sand as well as the personalised sand ceremony container into which you will blend your sands. During the ceremony, guided by the registrar, you will each pour sand into the vessel creating a unique and personal keepsake that symbolises the coming together of two individuals into a blended couple. Over the years to come the different coloured sand will continue to gradually blend into each other.

To add a sand ceremony to your Priory Suite or Wollescote Suite celebration you will need to select which ceremony you would like from the three options below and book your ceremony using the ceremony extras payment option.

Please note that we have a new style personalised jar we now provide for sand ceremonies and are waiting for the picture to be updated.