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Essential Maintenance

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Sport can and does have a very powerful and positive influence on people - especially children and young people. Not only can it provide opportunities for enjoyment and achievement, it can also develop valuable qualities such as self-esteem, leadership and teamwork.

These positive effects can only take place if sport is in the hands of those who place the welfare of all children first and adopt practices that support, protect and empower them.

Unfortunately, the reality is that abuse does take place in sport and in some cases coaches and other trusted adults in sport have been convicted.  The 'Helping Keep your child safe in sport' leaflet for parents gives advice to help you ask the right questions that sports providers should have in place.

Children and young people

Sport is fun – it gives you an opportunity to make new friends and try out new activities. From time to time, an adult may spoil the fun by doing or saying something during sporting activities that cause you to feel frightened or sometimes hurt.

If you don’t feel safe in sport or just want more information see the ‘Don’t let anyone spoil the fun leaflet’ which gives advice on what to do if you are being bullied or hurt in sport.