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With a population of over 312,000, over 10,000 local businesses and 167,000 people commuting in to, out of or within Dudley borough per day, Dudley Council's advertising sites are a great way for your business to reach the people of Dudley and effectively market your products and services.

We have four types of roadside advertising media available:

  • Poster display cases on council buildings.
  • Welcome boundary signs on entry to the borough.
  • Freestanding poster sites.
  • Roundabout signs on highways.

Poster display cases on council buildings

Council buildings are in prime locations across the borough and some of these have large poster display cases which can house promotional material for council services and are available to hire.

Welcome boundary signs on entrance to borough

Welcome boundary signs are located at each main arterial road into the borough and have an advertising board for hire attached to them.

Freestanding poster sites on highways

We have recently (2020) introduced a number of freestanding poster cases which are located on high volume footfall areas near slow moving traffic.

These sites can be hired for a minimum of two weeks.

Freestanding poster site locations


Across Dudley borough we have over 20 roundabouts available for you to advertise your school. All sites are exclusive to one sponsor for a minimum of a 12 month period. Roundabouts include up to 4 signs, 1 on each approach and exit road.

The price varies depending on the location but includes all artwork, production and installation, and can be paid for monthly by direct debit. 

Find out more

To find out more information or the availability of the above, please call 01384 818216.