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Household Support Fund

Due to predicted high demand, applications for the Household Support Fund have now closed. Further support can be found on our Cost of Living and Household Support pages

Education support service

The Education Support Service (ESS) is our statutory service for the enforcement of school attendance and other education related legal interventions for children in employment, children in entertainment and elective home education.

Information for Parents

Child Employment and Entertainment

Elective Home Education

Information, advice and guidance for parents considering Elective Home Education for their child

Children Missing Education

We are concerned about any children/young people living in the Dudley Borough who may be missing from education

We seek to do this through the concept of parental responsibility and we actively engage parents to ensure that a child’s needs are met; enabling them to benefit from access to education.  Parents have a legal duty to ensure their children receive provision of suitable education.

We work across children and adult services and also work to protect vulnerable adults within the criminal justice system and ensure that their rights are protected.

Our mission

  • To act with integrity, fairness, compassion, positive attitude, and a consistent endeavour to respect the rights of others, co-workers, and those we serve.
  • Be accountable to our community, and deliver excellent customer service.
  • Seek to educate citizens; enforcing the law where appropriate; and building collaborative relationships with residents, businesses, education providers, community groups, and local government agencies.
  • We will ensure measurable consistency of enforcement and responsiveness to complaints, provide comprehensive policies, work to the national occupational standards and compliance and provide the highest quality enforcement service to the community.

If you are concerned about a child...

We operate a community preventative service for residents to report any concerns about children who are out of school during term time, or concerns about children working. 

Upon receipt of information we will investigate any reports and take a number of steps to alleviate the concerns of the community by either validating why a child is out of school or working, as there may be a genuine reason for it, or by taking measures to ensure the matter is addressed. 

If you have any concerns please contact us.