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Unfortunately, as a consequence of the current coronavirus (COVID-19) situation and resources being allocated to other activities, there may be a delay in updating the information on this page. Whilst we will still try to meet our current publishing guide times this may not always be possible and we would appreciate your patience during this period.

As part of our commitment to providing financial transparency, any spend on goods and services over £500 with external suppliers are now listed online.

We are supported by a vast range of works and services from external suppliers and providers.  Our objective is to obtain best value for the procurement of supplies and services for the Council. We aim to operate fair and open competition by following transparent and auditable procedures in all tendering and contracting activity.

If you would like to know more about the type of business conducted with these suppliers, please visit our Council Procurement Contacts page.

We will always try to be as transparent as we can but in some cases we will need to respect information that could be seen as commercially sensitive or where the payment relates to vulnerable young people or adults.  Some of this information is withheld as it is personal data. For further information about personal data please visit the Privacy & Disclaimer Statement page.

Monthly reports

What we publish

We publish lists of individual payments (with a value over £500) to suppliers each month.

There will be occasions where we will be unable to give you details of all expenses over £500. Examples of this would include foster carers, people receiving social care payments, refunds and employees expenses. On these occasions, where we are able to provide you with the majority of the report information but cannot give you the suppliers details, the supplier name will read REDACTED PERSONAL DATA

Certain transactions may be redacted or be exempt from publication because the transaction contains personal information that falls under Data Protection Law 2018. These payments have been redacted and the entry is listed as REDACTED PERSONAL DATA.

This information has been excluded or redacted from publication where:

  • the information is personal and identifies an individual
  • or where publication of the data can harm an individual. e.g. information related to the disclosure of the location of a vulnerable child or adult.
What the reports show

Each report shows:

  • body name
  • directorate
  • area
  • service area
  • division
  • cost center
  • cost center name
  • account code
  • cipfa sub-classification
  • date
  • trans no
  • amount net
  • supplier name
  • supplier id
  • pay method
  • classification

These are provided in an easy and accessible format in order to for you to be able to find information on Dudley Council's expenditure.

This data is freely re-usable under the same terms as

Freedom of information requests

Any FOI requests received in relation to these matters received prior to the next planned publication date will be refused using the exemption under Section 22 of the FOI Act as it is information that we hold with the intention of publishing at some future (pre-scheduled) date.

The existing information available to you demonstrates that the Council has a process in place to regularly and routinely publish this information.

The Council recognises that at times information outside of this routine publication may be requested and that the Council should be open and transparent in its operations and more up to date information may assist this.

The information is, however, freely available on the Council’s website, and there is a statutory duty and timescale for publication. In accordance with the publication schedule quality and accuracy of information is checked.

To provide information outside of this schedule may impede the process and potentially impact on the quality and accuracy of the material disclosed. As a consequence, having considered the balance of public interest in favour of both withholding and disclosing information, the Council considers that the arguments in favour of maintaining the exemption outweigh the arguments in favour of disclosing it.

If you require further information about any payments, please contact us using the form below setting out the details of the payment and the additional information you require.