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Respite and short breaks

Respite care can be arranged from a range of organisations to enable a carer to take a break from their caring responsibilities.

In some cases a good way to assist a carer to take a break may be in providing a regular  leisure opportunity for the cared for person.

Respite options:

Shared Lives

The Shared Lives scheme provides care and support for adults with care or support needs, such as learning disabilities, where they live as part of a 'foster' family. The families are ordinary families, who are assessed, approved and fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission to become Shared Lives foster carers.

The Shared Lives scheme is run for the council by CVT Shared Lives - part of the national charity Camphill Village Trust. They are an experienced and recognised provider of services to people with learning disabilities, autism and mental health challenges.

Shared Lives foster families offer a range of care which includes long term care, short tem care, along with respite care which can be helpful to carers.

:: more on shared lives


Respite sitting service

A sitting service is available for carers, to enable them to take a one off break, a regular short term break, or a longer term regular break. The short term sitting service is on offer from the council's Dudley Carers Hub, call to ask for more details. For a longer term sitting service the cared for person would need to have a social care assessment and this could be requested as part of this, it can then be arranged if it is deemed a need for the carer. Again advice and help with arranging an assessment is available from Dudley Carers Hub.

Holidays with care

There are a number of voluntary organisations and charitable trusts which provide holidays for people with specific illnesses or disabilities, or for older people who need extra support. Increasingly many commercial organisations and businesses are recognising that there is a growing market among older people and people with disabilities for holidays that provide some additional support - and in some cases care as well. There is a link to some sources of information on the leisure page.

Enabling community support

This council service provides arrange of support and assistance to older people aged over 60, in their own homes. It is intended to help people who need just a little extra help, to continue living at home independently successfully. There is no charge for this and no referral is needed, people can ask the service for help themselves.

In addition to lots of other support, the service offers a holiday visiting service, where carers can ask for help with their cared for person, when they themselves go on a break, or a holiday. This holiday visiting service is essentially a useful checking service, no nursing, personal hygiene, cleaning or shopping is offered.

Fine out more about Enabling community support

Other options

You can also of course make your own respite arrangements. Dudley Council  produces a list of approved residential care providers to help you with in this.

You may also find the Care Quality Commission website helpful. There you will find independent reports for a wide range of home, residential and nursing care providers, who can offer respite options for you to consider .

A number of other organisations give advice and information on what to look for in a care provider, see the list of external links below.

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