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Respite and short breaks

We can provide support to enable people to take a break or have a holiday. In many cases the support is provided to enable a carer to have a break from caring. Breaks can range from a few hours to overnight and residential stays depending on need. In some cases the best way to assist a carer to take a break may be in providing a leisure opportunity for the person you care for.

Short breaks can also be offered at short notice in an emergency.

Shared Lives

The Shared Lives Scheme provides care and support for adults care or support needs, such as learning disabilities who meet the local authority access criteria. Our host carers, who are ordinary families, are assessed, approved and fully regulated by the Care Quality Commission to become Shared Lives foster carers.

They provide care and support in their own family home, either on a long term basis, or for respite or short breaks, or even on a day care basis. Each placement is carefully monitored, fully supported and regularly reviewed by Shared Lives staff. We work hard to 'match' each individual with a family so the waiting time will depend on finding the right family with the capacity to offer the placement.

:: more on shared lives

Crossroads Care Dudley

Provides a short breaks sitting service to support carers. They may be contacted directly.

:: Further information on Crossroads Care Dudley

Holidays with care

There are a number of voluntary organisations and charitable trusts which provide holidays for people with specific illnesses or disabilities or for older people who need extra support. Increasingly many commercial organisations and businesses are recognising that there is a growing market among older people and people with disabilities for holidays that provide some additional support - and in some cases care as well. There is a link to some sources of information on the leisure page.

Other options

You can also of course make your own arrangements. Dudley MBC does produce a list of approved residential care providers to assist you in this.

You may also find the Care Quality Commission website helpful. There you will find independent reports for a wide range of home, residential and nursing care providers.

A number of other organisations give advice and information on what to look for in a care provider - see the links on the right.

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