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We currently have 52 playgrounds throughout the borough. Our playgrounds are well maintained, inspected and cleaned regularly.

Most of our play areas are dog proof, accessible to wheelchairs and pushchairs and provide for children up to 11 years. Dudley’s play areas have been designed and built to conform to the latest British and European standards (BS EN 1176 and BS EN 1177) covering both surfaces and equipment.  A small number of our play areas have facilities for teenagers.

List of play areas in the borough

Brierley Hill

  • Cot Lane Open Space - Cot Lane, Kingwinsford, DY6 9SD.
  • Ploverdale Crescent - Ploverdale Crescent, Kingswinford. DY6 8XR.
  • Wordsley Park  - Bells Lane, Wordsley. DY8 5BP.
  • Hawbush Road Open Space - Hawbush Road, Brierley Hill. DY5 3PJ.
  • Dewberry Road - off Deewberry Road and Blackthorn Road, Hawbush. DY8 5XJ.
  • The Dell Recreation Ground - Bryce Road Pensnett. DY5 4AB.
  • Heathbrook Farm - Swindon Road, Wall Heath. DY6 0DZ.
  • Kingswinford Park (King George VI) - Park Lane, Kingswinford. DY6 8AZ.
  • Chapel Street Brierley Hill - off Hill Street, Brierley Hill. DY5 2UQ.
  • Albion Street Park - Albion Street, Wall Heath. DY6 0JS.
  • Greenfields Road Open Space - off Standhills Road, Kingswinford. DY6 8AP.
  • Kinver Street Open Space - Kinver Street, Wordsley. DY8 5SB.
  • Pheasant Street Open Space - Pheasant Street, Brockmoor. DY5 3UU.
  • Ketley Fields play area- Lapwood Avenue, Kingswinford. DY6 9TF.

Central Dudley

  • Springmeadow Road - Springmeadow Road, Dudley Wood. DY2 0DW.
  • Netherton Park - Arch Hill Street, Netherton. DY2 9QF.
  • Brewery Fields - off Watsons Green Road, Kates Hill. DY2 7QS.
  • Priory Park - off Priory Road, Dudley. DY1 4EU.
  • Woodside Park - Avenue Road, Holly Hall. DY2 0SL.
  • Buffery Park- Prospect Row, Dudley DY2 8SQ.
  • Grange Park- Grange Road, Dudley. DY1 2BH.
  • Overfield Road Open Space - off Overfield Road, Russels Hall, Dudley. DY1 2LL.
  • Lodge Farm Play Area – Farm Road, Netherton. DY2 0HF.
  • Stevens Park Quarry Bank- Park Road, Quarry Bank. DY5 2HR.


  • Huntingtree Park - Bassnage Road, Halesowen. B63 4HH.
  • Homer Hill Park - Homer Hill Road, Cradley. B63 2UP.
  • Cloister Drive Play area - end of Cloister Drive, Halesowen. B62 8RA.
  • Hurst Green Park - Moat Drive, Halesowen. B62 9QD.
  • Bernard Oakley Memorial Gardens - off Drews Holloway, Colley Gate. B63 2BE.
  • Huntingdon Gardens Play Area - Butchers Lane, Cradley. B63 2TX.
  • Quinton Park - access from Goodrest Avenue, Halesowen. B62 0HR.
  • Hope Street Play Area - Hope street, Halesowen. B62 8LU.
  • Leasowes Park - Mucklows Hill, Halesowen. B62 9ER.

North Dudley

  • Clayton Park - Old Meeting Lane, Coseley, WV14 8HE.
  • High Arcal Open Space - off Glen Road, Upper Gornal, DY3 1TU.
  • Milking Bank Open Space - Aintree Way, Milking Bank, DY1 2SL.
  • Sycamore Green Adventure Play Area- Sycamore Green, Dudley. DY1 3QE.
  • Sedgley Hall Farm Park - off Northway, Sedgley, DY3 3PZ.
  • Tenscore Recreation Ground - Priory Lane, Sedgley, DY3 3UE.
  • Vale Street Recreation - Vale Street, Upper Gornal, DY3 2DE.
  • Abbey Street Park - Abbey Street, Lower Gornal. DY3 2ND,
  • Silver Jubilee Park – Mason Street, Sedgely. WV14 9SZ.
  • Hurst Hill Recreation Ground - Horace Street. Sedgley. WV14 9AJ.


  • Kent Road Play Area, Kent Road, Wollaston, DY8 4SS.
  • Mary Stevens Park - Stanley Road, Norton, DY8 2DV.
  • Wollescote Park - Wollescote Road, Stourbridge, DY9 9EA.
  • Amblecote Recreation Ground - School Drive, Amblecote, DY8 2BG.
  • Bredon Road - Penfields, Stourbridge, DY8 4HY.
  • Turners Lane - Withymoor Village, Amblecote, DY8 4HY.
  • South Road Playing field - South Road, Stourbridge, DY8 3RL.
  • Greenfield Gardens - Brook Street, Stourbridge, DY8 1SX.
  • Parklands open space, Borrowdale Close, Amblecote, DY5 3RW.
  • Photo of Grange Park play area
  • photo of homer hill park play area
  • King George V Park Wordsley - Multi use games area

For further information contact Dudley Council Plus