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Dudley Borough is a large metropolitan borough (98 square kilometres/38 square miles) located on the western part of the West Midlands conurbation. It lies at the heart of the Black Country, a part of England rich in cultural and economic heritage.

Dudley Borough has a population of 313,000 - the 25th largest authority, in population size, in England.

Dudley Borough plays an important role in the West Midlands economy, with around 10,000 businesses and a workforce of 112,000 people.

Dudley Borough Economic Assessment

The statutory Dudley Borough Economic Assessment was approved in March 2011. It provides a common economic evidence base and a detailed understanding of the local economy.

Dudley Borough Business Survey

The Dudley Borough Business Survey was undertaken in August 2010 to help understand the needs, issues and challenges facing local businesses.

Dudley Borough Labour Market Briefing

This monthly Dudley Borough Labour Market Briefing provides an up-to-date picture of the labour market situation in Dudley Borough and within Dudley wards.

Black Country Observatory is the Intelligence Unit of Black Country Consortium Ltd. Black Country Observatory provides the evidence base for the Black Country to support the Strategy. The intelligence provided allows partners and the public to Understand the Black Country.

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