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One of the borough's greatest assets is its network of diverse towns and local centres, each with its own distinctive character and range of attractions.

We aim to support and promote investment in our town centres that compliments their unique identities and invests in their future.

The right mix of new retail, business, leisure and entertainment, community, public service and residential developments are encouraged to locate within our town centres in order both to diversify and maintain their future role at the heart of economic, social and community life.

As part of the Dudley Borough Vision 2030 we aim to:

  • Regenerate of our town centres to places where people are proud to live, work, shop and spend leisure time
  • Increase footfall into our town centres
  • Bring social transformation with a diverse cultural offer and thriving faith communities
  • Dramatically improve our public transport systems and improve access to our national motorway networks

A number of exciting regeneration projects for growth and investment are already underway!

Area Action Plans

Our Area Action Plans provide a planning framework for the regeneration and transformation of our key towns.