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The statutory Dudley Borough Economic Assessment has been developed by Dudley Council and was approved in March 2011.

The purpose of the Assessment is to provide a common economic evidence base and a detailed understanding of the local economy and sets out the key economic challenges for the Borough.

The Dudley Borough Economic Assessment provides:

  • An economic profile and assessment of the economic competitiveness of Dudley Borough, based around three key themes:
  • Place & Physical Environment;
  • Business & Enterprise; and
  • People & Communities
  • A summary of the key economic challenges that have the greatest impact on the overall competitiveness and productivity of Dudley Borough; and
  • An economic scorecard of key indicators to monitor and review the Borough's economic performance.

The Economic Assessment will be the formal economic evidence base for future strategy and delivery, in particular the Dudley Borough Economic Development Strategy (2011/12 - 2013/14) and other related strategies including the Local Development Framework and the Black Country Economic Assessment.

The Dudley Borough Economic Assessment (March 2011) can be accessed below. Individual themed papers can be accessed by clicking on the following link - Dudley Borough Economic Assessment Documents.

The Economic Scorecard is updated annually. The latest update for March 2013 can be accessed below.