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Stay connected - social media

Follow us on social media and stay connected with what's happening in your borough

Our main social media accounts

X (formerly Twitter): @Dudleymbc and @DudleyMayor 

Facebook: Dudley borough 

Flickr: Dudley Council 

YouTube: Dudley Council 

Instagram: Dudleymbc

LinkedIn: Dudley Council

TikTok: Dudley Council

Council services

Some of our council services areas also have their own social media accounts. These can all be found here:

Interacting with us on social media

We use social media to listen, share news and information and highlight issues to thousands of users every day.

We mainly use them 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday but there are occasions when we use them outside normal business hours for events and other activities.

We get lots of questions which we try to answer as quickly as possible but you might have to wait until the next working day for an answer to your question or query.

If it is an emergency and you need urgent help or advice outside office hours, please get in touch quickly using our emergency out of hours numbers


On X (formerly Twitter), we follow lots of partners and organisations to share their useful information. There may be occasions when we follow an individual if we need to discuss information over private message. We should point out that just because we follow someone, it does not mean we endorse their products or services.

In addition, we may not respond to you and/ or block your account without warning if you:

  • Make offensive, derogatory or profane posts directed at the council, councillors or council staff.
  • Cause disruption or inconvenience to the council by repeatedly @mentioning our X accounts
  • Breach any of The X Rules.


On Facebook, we share lots of information we think will be useful to people such as news and events.

We also encourage you to have your say and we do not censor comments even if they are critical of the council.

But we do have rules in place for the safety and fairness of everyone using our Facebook page.

  • Please respect others - we will remove comments we deem to bully or harass other users. We can also block accounts.
  • We never tolerate swearing – posts will be removed and accounts blocked.
  • We love a discussion online but we will remove anything we consider libellous or misleading/untrue about issues.
  • We’re here to help community groups and organisations promote their fantastic work and activities. But we do not allow commercial advertising
  • These pages are run by council officers and we are not allowed to share political information. We also reserve the right to remove posts that are political campaigning or overly political in nature. This is particularly important during the pre-election period known as purdah.

These rules apply to all of our social media channels.

But for now – please feel free to continue sharing your ideas and information on our social media pages.