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Dudley Council
Dudley Skyline

The Dudley Area Action Plan (AAP) sets out the vision, objectives and spatial strategy for future development in Dudley Town Centre and its environs up to 2026.

Informed by feedback from the local community and developers, the AAP shapes the regeneration of the Town Centre in a way that makes the most of Dudley’s valued and distinctive local character and further improves its vibrancy, attractiveness and economic health. It does this by allocating sites for development and through policies to ensure that the community and developers understand what the Council’s vision and expectations are for Dudley.

The AAP was considered by an Inspector appointed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government at an Examination in Public held on the 14th June 2016. The Inspector found the AAP to be sound subject to a number of minor modifications. The Inspector’s Report was published on the 7th November 2016, and the adopted Dudley Area Action Plan
incorporates the Report’s binding recommendations.

Dudley MBC adopted the Dudley AAP at a meeting of Council on 27th February 2017.

The vision for Dudley town centre

"Dudley is a historic market town looking to the future. By 2026 it will be a town which serves the needs of its local population and which remains the strong focus for civic life, for town centre living, for shopping, tourism and heritage, leisure and education. This will be achieved by reshaping and reasserting its role within the Borough, drawing on its considerable assets, encouraging investment in opportunities and ensuring that Dudley becomes a place with a richer mix of town centre uses. The environmental and historic quality, green infrastructure, transport connectivity, accessibility and safety and security of all the town centre activities and assets will be enhanced. Street trees and urban planting will provide extensive benefits for healthy urban living in terms of improving air quality, cooling and water quality".

Development Opportunity Areas

Development Opportunity Sites have been identified where major development and regeneration should be focused.  The Area Action Plan is looking to create a town centre with a vibrant mix of activities including retail, residential, education, offices, civic functions and leisure and tourism to be used by people throughout the day and evening.

Identified sites:

  • King Street/Flood Street
  • Trindle Road/Hall Street/Birdcage Walk
  • Tower Street/Castle Street
  • Trident Centre/Upper High Street
  • Upper High Street/King Street
  • Abberley Street/King Street
  • Castle Hill/Tipton Road