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The Council collects personal information about people with whom it deals, in order to carry out its public functions, business and provide its services. We collect information from residents of the borough, users of council services, customers, contractors and other business contacts.

This information can be collected via a variety of sources, for example, letters, e-mails, telephone calls, CCTV recordings.

We understand and value this information and we work extremely hard to keep this information safe and make sure that any information we collect is handled in the right way.  Our Privacy Notice explains how we use this information and how we protect it. 

The Council has a Data Protection Officer who ensures that the Council respects your rights under Data Protection Law. If you have any concerns or questions about how the Council looks after your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the details at the bottom of this page.

Our Data Protection and Information Governance Policies

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

A DPIA is a process the Council uses to identify and minimise the data protection risks of projects that use personal or special category data.  The Council is required to undertake a DPIA for processing that is likely to result in a high risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms. The Council has currently undertaken, or been involved with, the following DPIA’s.

Date of DPIA Directorate/Service Area Brief Description of project/activity Data Protection Officer advice provided
21.02.2019 People - Integrated Commissioning Commissioning for provision of Residential Rehabilitation for Substance Misusers 14.03.2019
21.02.2019 People - Integrated Commissioning Commissioning for the provision of drug and/or alcohol in-patient detoxification 14.03.2019
26.09.2018 People - Integrated Commissioning Provision of HIV Prevention and Support in the Community 03.10.2018
16.01.2019 People – Dudley Community Equipment Service (CES) Implementation of new Equipment Loan Management System – joint project with Health Partners 16.01.2019
15.01.2019 People – Children’s Services, Management Information Team Use of data to identify families who have received successful intervention and therefore qualify for the Strengthening Families programme 09.02.2019
20.11.2018 Department of Transport (DfT) Blue Badge Digital Service External DPIA carried out by DfT
05.11.2018 Chief Executives – Revenue & Benefit Services Transfer of record level Council Tax Data to ONS (executive office of UK Statistical Authority) 05.11.2018
30.10.2018 Chief Executives – Revenues & Benefits Services Digital Economy Act Pilot activity to share Council Tax data with HMRC 30.10.2018
03.08.2018 People – Integrated Commissioning Commissioning Wellbeing Services for Carers 24.09.2018
12.10.2018 People/ICT Services – Blue Badge Services Cloud based system for processing Blue Badge applications 16.10.2018
30.08.2018 People – Health & Wellbeing Development of Dudley Community Information Directory (DCID) 30.08.2018
12.02.2018 Place – Housing ProMobile - project to rollout an electronic timesheet facility to employees via mobile devices 12.02.2018