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The Council collects personal information about people with whom it deals, in order to carry out its public functions, business and provide its services. We collect information from residents of the borough, users of council services, customers, contractors and other business contacts.

This information can be collected via a variety of sources, for example, letters, e-mails, telephone calls, CCTV recordings.

We understand and value this information and we work extremely hard to keep this information safe and make sure that any information we collect is handled in the right way.  Our Privacy Notice explains how we use this information and how we protect it. 

The Council has a Data Protection Officer who ensures that the Council respects your rights under Data Protection Law. If you have any concerns or questions about how the Council looks after your personal information, please contact our Data Protection Officer using the details at the bottom of this page.

Our Data Protection and Information Governance Policies

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)

A DPIA is a process the Council uses to identify and minimise the data protection risks of projects that use personal or special category data.  The Council is required to undertake a DPIA for processing that is likely to result in a high risk to individuals’ rights and freedoms. The Council has currently undertaken, or been involved with, the following DPIA’s.

Date of DPIA Directorate/Service Area Brief Description of project/activity Data Protection Officer advice provided
17/03/2023 External Project to support DMBC to review a range of high-cost disability cases to establish the appropriate health and social care funding for them
14/03/2023 Corporate DMBC open space fixed camera locations 14/03/2023
10/03/2023 Digital, Customer & Commercial Services Transfer of key business applications into the cloud 10/03/2023
21/02/2023 Children's Services - SEND Implementation of service to enable contracts/agreements to be electronically or digitally signed between Dudley MBC and SEND providers 21/02/2023
31/01/2023 Corporate Landlord - Facilities Commissioning of an online booking system for Brookes Bar & Bistro 31/01/2023
18/01/2023 Social Services Business Support Process flow of information from the Council's system for the One Health and Care Shared Record project 18/01/2023
17/01/2023 Housing & Community Services - Housing Options Commissioning of a new ICT solution for Homelessness services 17/01/2023
28/12/2022 Digital, Customer & Commercial Services Commissioning of outsourced service to produce, print and mail bulk mail and hybrid mail 28/12/2022
28/11/2022 Adult Social Care - Finance Commissioning of a new ICT solution for Court of Protection / Money Management 29/11/2022
28/11/2022 Digital, Customer & Commercial Services - Procurement Implementation of service to enable contracts/agreements to be electronically or digitally signed by recipients of contracts 28/11/2022
23/11/2022 Digital, Customer & Commercial Services Commissioning of a new cloud solution to maintain the support and delivery of the Local Land and Property Gazetteer (LLPG) / Local Streets Gazetteer (LSG)
15/11/2022 Adult Social Care - Assessment and Independence Commissioning of a new replacement app for use as a business-critical tool within Urgent Care 15/11/2022
14/11/2022 Digital, Customer & Commercial Services - Commercial Implementation of service to enable contracts/agreements to be electronically or digitally signed between Dudley MBC and Commercial Services customers 14/11/2022
27/09/2022 Adult Social Care Implementation of a 100 flat Extra Care Scheme and the commissioning of an enhanced care contract 27/09/2022
08/09/2022 Integrated Commissioning Performance & Partnership - Adult Social Care Transfer of care data for hospital discharges into DMBC Adults System 08/09/2022
08/09/2022 Housing & Community Services Implementation of a cloud system to manage the data across the key six areas of statutory and regulatory compliance 08/09/2023
10/08/2022 Adult Social Care - Adult Safeguarding Shadowing of a Best Interest Assessor for experience
26/07/2022 Children's Services Commissioning of one Adults Substance Misuse Worker to be based within Families Come First whilst still connected to their parent organisation 26/07/2022
15/02/2022 External Project to support DMBC to develop a system which will allow individuals to be identified for CHC or joint funding packages of care
02/02/2022 External Implementation of NHS Digital IT system to enable the sharing of key information regarding protected children with health and social care professionals External DPIA carried out by NHS Digital
08/11/2021 External Black Country & West Birmingham participation in the One Health and Care Shared Care Record
01/09/2021 Children's Services Use of public space CCTV cameras at Connecting Families Hubs
26/08/2021 Public Health & Well Being Contact tracing for Covid positive cases in the Dudley Borough 26/08/2021
16/07/2021 Finance & Legal - Information Governance Review of a cloud based system for managing Data Subject Access Requests 16/07/2021
16/07/2021 Regeneration & Enterprise - Projects & Delivery and Dudley Business First Implementation of service to enable contacts/agreements to be electronically or digitally signed as part of external funding and bidding applications 16/07/2021
22/06/2021 Integrated Commissioning Performance & Partnership - Children's Services Project to build a tool which can be used by local authorities to forecast demand for specific types of placement for children in care 16/06/2021
21/06/2021 Corporate Publishing of images of unidentified individuals caught in the act of fly-tipping 21/06/2021
25/05/2021 External Sharing information about rough sleepers across the West Midlands region External DPIA carried out by Solihull Council

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Or call Dudley Council Plus and ask to speak to the Data Protection Officer.