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Below are some questions and answers about the Come and Play projects.

Is there a charge to take part?

No. There is no charge for children to take part in Come and Play.

Do we need to bring the instrument?

Yes. You will need to bring the instrument you normally use in your class instrumental lesson. If you do not take the instrument home we will make arrangements to loan you an instrument for the day. There will be no charge for this loan.

My child is nervous, will they know what to do?

It is normal to be nervous before a performance, even the most experienced musicians feel this. Your child may not feel that they can play the music but you should be assured that they have been learning the pieces since January and that by the day of the concert everything will come together. They will be part of a large group of children and will be playing alongside teachers and some of our older students. Tell your children not to worry - it will be great!

What is the dress code for performers?

We would like the children to wear a simple plain T shirt/polo shirt (any colour) and plain trousers/skirt. 

What time to we need to arrive?

Come and Play Orchestra rehearsal will start at 10.30am. Come and Play Guitars rehearsal will start at 3pm. 

Do we need to stay with the children?

No. There will not be enough room for parents in the rehearsal. Our staff will look after the children until the end of the concert. We hope that you will come to the concert to support your children and be able to share the memories for years to come.

How do we get tickets?

All ticket sales are handled by Symphony Hall Box Office