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Dudley Council the historic capital of the Black Country
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Under the Highways Act 1980 it is necessary for anyone wishing to carry out certain functions on the highway to first get written permission to do so from the Council.

The area of the Highway is as defined on the plans held by the Council but usually includes the road, the adjacent footway and verges and sometimes other grassed areas nearby.

In order to get permission from the Council to carry out activities on the Highway, it is usually necessary to obtain some form of licence, permit or consent form and in some cases pay a fee. Written permission from the Council must be obtained before any work can be carried out.

Road closures

If any consent involves a road closure (to accommodate a crane lift, for example) then we can arrange for temporary road closures as part of the process. There are statutory procedures which must be followed, with advertising costs of £2,050 to £7,000 (dependent on location).

Find out about roadworks in your area

You can find out about roadworks in your area online. By searching on a street name you will be able to see what works are planned, or have been carried out in that street.

Reporting an obstruction on a road or pavement

Dudley Council is committed to keeping our roads free of obstruction and nuisance. It is a criminal offence to wilfully obstruct the free passage along a highway.

Please report a highway obstruction to us as soon as you can so we can investigate the incident.

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