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You can be a candidate if you are over 18, on the electoral register, and have lived, worked or owned property in Dudley Metropolitan Borough, for at least the past 12 months prior to you being nominated as a candidate.

There is an election for one Councillor to each of the 24 wards on the first Thursday in May of each election year.

You may be disqualified as a candidate if you work for the council or hold a politically restricted post with another local authority. Bankruptcy or a previous criminal conviction with a three-month or more prison sentence would also disqualify you as a candidate.

Most candidates are nominated through a political party. If you wish to stand as a candidate for a particular political party, then you should firstly get in touch with the party’s local organisation, contact details can be found in the telephone directory.

Individuals are also welcome to stand in their own right.

Before you can be accepted as a candidate you must have a nomination paper signed by ten electors registered in the Ward in which you are to stand. You must also sign a consent to nomination form. 

Nomination packs

Prospective candidates are required to collect Nomination Papers from Electoral Services.

Nomination packs are available approximately 8 weeks before the election.


Electoral Services

Council House, Priory Road, Dudley, DY1 1HF -