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How does Getting Involved with Community Engagement Benefit You?

Whilst there are significant benefits to the Council from community engagement; it is important that the benefits of your involvement are clear.
Some of the potential benefits to yourself and your community are highlighted below.

Benefits to You

  • The opportunity to start engagement and ask the Council to give to consideration to issues that are important to you.
  • The opportunity to express your opinion, make your voice heard and be more involved in decision-making processes.
  • The opportunity to increase the Council’s awareness of issues we may not have considered or have been aware of.
  • The opportunity to influence the Council’s short and long-term priorities; and help ensure the Council makes the right decisions about issues that concern or affect you.
  • The opportunity to learn more about local democracy and how the Council goes about making decisions.
  • To help the Council identify solutions to issues and help us avoid or resolve the conflict.
  • The opportunity to help ensure Council services are of use, benefit, and relevance to you.
  • To learn new skills and gain knowledge and confidence in expressing and presenting your views.
  • To become a more active member of your community.
  • To meet new and like-minded people, discover more about the different people and communities of the Dudley borough and learn from the experiences of others.
  • To gain a better understanding of viewpoints that may be different from your own, so that you can better relate to people and communities you may be involved with or aware of.
  • To be informed of proposals, decisions, and changes to Council services at the earliest opportunity.
  • To feel listened to and that you can make a difference.

Benefits to your Community

Many of the benefits to you as an individual will also be benefits that your community can identify with. There are, however, benefits arising from community engagement that are more specific to communities as highlighted below.
  • The opportunity to help improve your local area and where you live.
  • The opportunity to help the Council identify the priorities for areas and local communities that are based on local peoples needs.
  • The opportunity to help the Council develop fewer general and more community-specific plans, policies, and strategies.
  • The opportunity to suggest ideas and approaches that would work well for your community.
  • The opportunity to ask the Council to consider issues of concern or interest to your community.
  • The opportunity to increase the Councils awareness of areas of conflict in your local community.
  • The opportunity to help highlight the reasons behind certain issues in your community.
  • The opportunity to ask the Council for assistance on a particular issue.
  • The opportunity to develop good communication between the Council and your community in increasing knowledge, understanding and co-operation.
  • The opportunity to increase knowledge, skills, and experience within your community.
  • The opportunity to promote better understanding and co-operation within your community by joining together about certain issues.