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Consultation on the proposed locations of Vehicle On-street Residential Charge Points

In November 2022, the council sought views from local residents, the public and stakeholders on 53 proposed locations across the borough for on-street residential electric car charge points to support the rollout for residents who don’t have the option to provide their own off street charging facilities and to encourage people to use greener vehicles.

The £420k* scheme, funded through an Office of Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV) grant and chargepoint operators, will help to realise the council’s commitment to the Black Country Ultra-Low Emission Vehicle Strategy, respond to the climate emergency and help to build infrastructure in time for the government ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2035.

Subsequent to that consultation and the feedback received, a number of the proposed sites were approved be installed as Phase 1 of the scheme.

At the end of 2023 the council sought views from local residents, the public and stakeholders on a further 25 proposed locations for on-street residential electric car charge points. These will form Phase 2 of the scheme. Work to identify further tranches of sites is already underway.

Any changes to chargepoint locations will be communicated with affected residents/businesses, and a list of final locations will be updated on the council’s website prior to installation.

A Charge Point Operator has been procured and installation of charge points is expected to commence later this year.

*approximate figure

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Locations have been identified based on a set of criteria, which include;

  • Near residential properties with no off-street parking
  • sufficient local power/grid capacity
  • adequate footpath and road widths
  • locations are free from other street furniture/overhanging trees
  • having minimum impact on existing on-street parking practices

These are chargepoints which can charge a 40kW battery in 4 to 6 hours and are suited to residential areas where residents are more likely to leave their vehicles parked for a prolonged period, or overnight.

In order to safeguard bays for the use of charging only, it is the intention to introduce experimental Traffic Regulation Orders such that any necessary enforcement of the bays can be carried out if required.

This first phase of the scheme will see 53 chargepoint locations installed across the borough, followed by a further 25 points, once feedback from the consultation has been assessed.

Useful information on using electric vehicles can be found via the Energy Saving Trust

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